Tuesday 18 November 2014

Scraptastic Tuesday - Prizes and Drafting!

Apologies for the delay in posting but I have been vegging out on the sofa stuffed full of cold germs in the past few days - glad to say I think I may have turned a corner....

It's time to award the November link up prizes. Thank you again to our fantastic and generous sponsors:

A huge thank you to each of our generous sponsors and congratulations to all our winners:
  • Massdrop - 45 mm OLFA Deluxe Ergo Rotary Cutter with a 5 Blade Refill Pack and a 45 mm Pinking Rotary Blade - winner is Cheryl from Flickr
We have sent emails to the winners but if you read it here first, please contact us so we can get the prizes on the way.

Thank you for joining us and remember the next link will be the second Tuesday of the month - December 9. Please plan to share a scrappy project finished or in progress or your ideas about how to use or organize or deal with scraps with us then, and feel free to join us at any time in the month. Use the hashtag #scraptastictuesday or add our button to your post.

Scraptastic Tuesday

Now if you care to stick around after the prize giving 
I'm going to show you how to draft this block for my #scraptasticsampler. It is called a Double Z and if you are familiar with the Farmer's Wife you might recognise it.

I chose this one to be a 15" block because it is in three sections and 15 divides easily by three!

In the centre column there are three equal sections - a Quarter Square Triangle block (QST) and two units made from three triangles.  The other two side panels form a third of the block although they are not divided by three in the same way.

We don't need to draft the QST section - it is 5" square finished and we add 1.5" to get the measurement for the squares required  - 6.5" squares - two squares required of course unless you want it more scrappy.  Here is a tutorial on making a QST block but do use 6.5" squares.

Now I know the other squares either side are 5" finished so I draw a 5" square on paper

Find the mid point and draw the middle triangle and the end triangles.  I redrew all the triangles on another piece of paper and added my quarter inch seam allowance to them to make my templates. 

You must add the seam allowance back in at this stage or your block will not end up as 15" finished.  We have all we need for the central section.

You need two of these sections added to either end of the QST to complete the centre strip.  Check the diagram to ensure the correct placement.

The end sections are 5" x 15" finished.  I drew that on paper too - sticking two pieces of A4 together to get the length necessary.  

First I realised that our friend the end triangles appeared in this section too! 

They are doing the same job in this part of the block - holding up the ends!  I measured and drew them in - the base is 2.5" long, the height 5" finished.

Now I measured the mid point on the opposite side at 7.5".  I can now join the midpoint up with the end triangles and complete my pattern.

I again redrew the new triangles and added a quarter of an inch seam allowance.   The other end section is the reverse of this one!  

You can cut all the pieces with your rotary cutter just make sure your ruler covers your template so it doesn't end up smaller every time you cut.  Or mark your fabric and use scissors if you prefer.  Please take care to reverse the template for the end sections as necessary when cutting out.

You need a mirrored pair of end strips to complete your block.

Job done! 

 It is great to be able to draw blocks any size yourself and really isn't that difficult as you can see.

Now I wonder what Leanne has been up to...shall we both go and have a look?


  1. Congrats to all the winners. You have chosen a lovely block. Get well soon±

  2. Congrats to all the lucky ducks! Hope you feel better real soon N! Jxo

  3. Hope you're feeling a little better! Great block and a good size.

  4. So sorry to hear you are not feeling good. I've got it two weekend ago and it is still lingering on. That is a very beautiful block. Congrats to all the winners. I was happy to see that Kathy won and then I've read my name. Yeah me! Thank you so much Nicky.

  5. Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. That's a great block, nicky!

  6. I know the cold has gone now and I hope you don't get any more! Love the block!


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