Tuesday 25 November 2014

Scraptastic Tuesday - the alternative universe style!

In a galaxy far, far away....I am trying to catch up on where I should be to meet a swap deadline.  The swap is the #igminiswap and I'm in the #merrygroup !

Poor swap mama Mary Menzer who blogs at Fairly Merry has been chasing us up and I am shockingly behind due to some other deadlines and a stinking cold I had all last week and still coughing now to be honest !  

Now we are all used to seeing traditional scrappy and even modern scrappy but as I was EPPing this miniquilt project together I realised I was doing futuristic scrappy...

This is what it should look like!  Starwars Death Star for those non-sci-fi folks!

And this is what it looks like!   Still got the top left quadrant to stitch together, then I need to stitch it all onto my background - plus a few embellishments to come in the background...

I should just manage to squeeze into that final deadline yet.  

Wonder what scrappy thing Leanne is up to this week and do tell if you are being scrappy too!

Better get back to that other dimension then!


  1. It truly is futuristic scrappy, there is no doubt. Your partner will love it if she does in fact love star wars and all.

  2. Good going! I HAVE worked with scraps a little this week - made scrappy binding with a bunch of binding leftovers...

  3. So perfect for a Star Wars fan! Futuristic scrapping indeed!

  4. Awesome! Awesomely awesome! Magistra13 at yahoo.com

  5. fantastic! you are too clever.


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