Tuesday 4 November 2014

Scraptastic Tuesday - almost a column!

I have put my blocks upon my design wall and there are quite a few gaps to fill in!

Now what happens in these circumstances?   I get the urge to fill those gaps in of course!

So here is a filled in section in my #Scraptastic Sampler, though I still need to decide how I'll be joining up the blocks, but it might have to be a bit of scrappy sashing.....?

And here are the blocks I made this week so far - only managed three this time....  

A 6" Log Cabin, a 4" Turnstile and a 9" Windmill block (same as the turnstile but less background fabric). In case you are wondering about the block names I'm using, they are what I found on EQ6 - I know they all have lots of different ones!

The Log Cabin is made with 1.5" centre square and strips.

The Turnstile block is made from four 2.5" HST/QST hybrids.  The bigger HST triangles are made from 3" squares cut diagonally in half - you will need two 3" squares for the block.  

The Quarter Square Triangle bit is made from one 3.25 " background fabric square cut diagonally in two directions and the same in contrast fabric or you could cut use the background fabric triangle as a template and cut from scraps as I did, to get variety.

The Windmill block is made from four 5" HST/QST hybrids.  The bigger HST triangles are made from 5.5" squares.   For the QST bit you will need two contrasting 6.25" squares. 

Trimming is involved for both these blocks.  I trimmed the two QST triangles after piecing to match my HST triangle.  After piecing each square from one HST and two QST triangles I then carefully trimmed them to size making sure I was centering my ruler using the QST seam lines before removing a tiny sliver or two. 

Shriek out if you are making these and need more help ....

Not many left to complete this column - I might just have to get to the bottom of it...and my next block is another 15" one which needs a bit of drafting to complete and you might recognise it if you have made a Farmer's Wife quilt. 

Easier to do at 15" instead of 6" though and hopefully quite an eyecatching one and very easy to draft especially if you have been reading the series Jess and Leanne did on Decipher Your Quilt !

Go and see what Leanne has been doing!  More scrapiness I know!


  1. Looks very nice so far. I like filling in all those odd little bits. Is the next link up next Tuesday?

  2. I am loving this sampler, I will be catching up this week.

  3. I'm watching, not making, but thoroughly enjoying all the same!!!

  4. Looks good so far! I'm interested in how you are going to fill in the gaps


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