Wednesday 7 May 2014

The second one!

The second quilt I'm working on is back to lots of colour!

It is my schoolhouse quilt and Kona colour chart which has become Konaville in my head.

I finished lots of blocks using my Kona colours bought during a year of fabric club with simply solids!  

 And as it is a school house I chose lots of text or school subject related background fabrics.   

I was particularly pleased to find this one! Eek!  Bubbling test tubes!

Konaville came together quite quickly once I knew what I wanted to do and I had the block sorted in my head again.

Until it became a top!

I bought this letterpress fabric as backing

And have basted it all together.

I then started machine stitching a grid in the ditch round each block but quickly realised I wanted something a bit MORE!

So I am now outlining my school houses by hand with cotton perle in a related colour - just hope my collection of colours sees me through...?

All in all there are 81 blocks - I have done 18 so only 63 to go!  If I stick to schedule I could finish on 15 May!  Already I have slipped a bit behind....but don't want to hurt my finger too much.

So I have started working on something else ...of course!


  1. LOL! Easily distracted? Loving those school houses! Jxo

  2. Love the way this grew. Over urbanisation? Nah not with these beautiful blocks. It is going to be (yet) another fantastic finish.

  3. woo hoo I am so excited that this is the next project on your ufo list. I love those little school houses.

  4. OH, I love this one a lot!! I think your stitching adds so much too. My fingers are sore right now from hand quilting as well.

  5. Incredible work! I love the name Konaville, the coloured houses are beautiful and the backgrounds are perfect!

  6. I want to move into the little red schoolhouse! This is a spectacular quilt, N. The hand stitching is just a perfect way to accent the blocks.
    You crack me up starting a few new things. Was this pre-approved by Helen?

  7. It is lovely! It was so much fun to watch the process and all those different layouts with the quilt growing. Sometimes I just thought you are crazy getting bigger and bigger but it is so beautiful!

  8. This already looks great, but I think the hand quilting will make it look amazing! Hope your hands aren't too painful :-)

  9. I love this quilt and love it even more with the addition of hand quilting!!

  10. Konaville is the perfect name!


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