Friday 9 May 2014

Not in the mood...

....for quilting today so I got out some paper piecing patterns I have down loaded from here - all free and all fabulous!

I was a bee member of Sew and Bee Happy oops about two years ago (my first bee) and I still haven't got on with making the hanging I promised myself from the gorgeous word blocks my bee mates sent me!

So if I tell you all the words they made are to do with sewing you will not be surprised by the block I pieced to go with it!  It is part of a block designed by Susanne...

..but I might just leave it like this!

More paper pieced sewing instruments are calling my name....anything rather that listen to the man with the electric drill breaking up the brickwork of our old front step in order to make a much bigger one - no pain, no gain they say!   My ears even ring when he stops for a short while - argh!

Time for a cup of tea!


  1. That noise is the worst!! Hope the sewing is a nice distraction though and that's a lovely ripper :)

  2. hope he stops soon ... concentration is a MAJOR problem when it goes on .. and on... and on x

  3. Great unpicker! Hope the new step is worth it'

  4. Time for the earplugs? Great paper piecing! Jxo

  5. It's adorable! Turn up the music and keep going.

  6. Lovely unpicker! Hope the drilling has stopped now and he's onto building things?!


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