Wednesday 14 May 2014

The other project....

When I took up quilting Konaville by hand (my school house quilt) I was worried I'd end up with a hole in the tip of my finger - like you do when you can't get on with a thimble!  

So I was alternating between that hand stitching and machine quilting my lovely vintage square quilt - though I've more recently been distracted by Paper Piecing - more on that a bit later....

The vintage square quilt is my current favourite but shhhhh! please don't tell my other quilts as I don't want to put their noses out of joint! 

I was delighted to find a lovely backing fabric called Vintage Happy from my good friend Cindy @ Fluffysheepquilting especially as I could pay for it with a winning voucher and my loyalty points!  ( Now available with a 15% discount of course)

The quilt back was quickly put together and basted.  And I have started quilting it!  Just in the ditch at the moment.  

Not sure if it needs anything else it is such a busy quilt!  

I do think persian rugs may have been an influence in this design...?

And yesterday I was doing this....

Made from a pattern by Kerry for the Sewing Out Loud QAL!  Just can't seem to stop paper piecing at the moment...!  


  1. WOAH! Look at your sewing basket! That's insane!
    Your vintage quilt is a stunner. It's the perfect print for backing, isn't it? Super choice.

  2. That's such a beautiful quilt! Love the big blocks together with the small ones.
    But ouch! Hand quilting without a thimble? I wouldn't manage only one stitch. Have you tried the leather thimble with the metal coin from clover? It feels not as thimble-ish as one completely from metal. (I don't like these a lot, too)

  3. The quilt to totally brilliant!! As is the paper-piecing - a good addiction xxx

  4. The jewel tones in this quilt totally captivate me.

  5. Fantastic:-) I love all the colours - like a flowerbed.

  6. Perfect backing fabric! You just gotta go with those creative urges! Jxo

  7. You're so super-talented, LOVE that quilt (again!!)

    Hope you and yours are all well, El has just started school full time.....unbelievable!!


  8. You are a machine! Can't get over how much you produce. I know , sleeping is optional.....

  9. your quilt top is definitely busy and beautiful!
    No favourites now, you must love all your children equally, ok some more equally than others lol
    great new pieced block too.
    Looks like you are enjoying the best of both worlds- your quilting ufo's and something new

  10. Shhhh, I think vintage square might be my current favourite too x

  11. Ooooh all the colours, so much to look at!!

  12. I love that sewing box - it's fabulous! Your vintage squares quilt is to see it finished in your next post!


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