Monday 5 May 2014

One isn't enough!

I have my beady eye fixed on finishing two quilts at the moment!

The blocks of the first one are delectable mountain blocks - made in the way Bonnie Hunter describes in her excellent tutorial

I wanted to have a more modern look to the layout so I went for this with lots of negative space which meant lots of room for quilting.  I thought that would be a good thing! 

When it came to the quilting I really struggled with deciding what to quilt. 

After a couple of failed attempts - and lots of unpicking - I have settled on this design which Angela Walters and others call spirals 

I had been looking for a link between my block - the delectable mountain - and my quilting and the spirals remind me of these

Fossilized ammonites!

So I am relaxing into this swirly pattern and enjoying it!  

Hoping for a finish as soon as I fill up the rest of the space and unpick this bit!  Argh! Which I don't like anymore....

I'll save the other quilt for another post!


  1. Oh wow I love both of the quilting styles.
    looks like May is off to a good start!

  2. Great choice of colours in this quilt and the spirals are looking great! Sorry about the unpicking- that's the pits!

  3. Love it ...I like the circles too x

  4. It's wonderful (and finished, since I'm reading this post about seven hours after you posted it - I can't keep up!!) - I can't wait to see the grand reveal! Which other quilt are you working on? LJS?

  5. I love both! Oh Nicky! You are incredible!

  6. Gosh, you certainly like a challenge Nicky! I love the spiral quilting.

  7. Oh Nicky, are you sure it needs unsewing? It looks fab from here!


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