Saturday, 9 November 2013

Trimming the Tree!

I followed Amy into the Trim the Tree Swap and must say it was a great move!   

I got my partner information times four !   Yes you make for four different people!

I found that a bit overwhelming at first as there were too many tempting things to make and only really got going in the last couple of days which is pushing it a bit as the deadline for sending is Tuesday....Argh!

But I am enjoying making these little treasure so much can you tell?

These are supposed to be Tomte or elves but I think the blue one looks more like a character from Dickens - it's just the way he turned out - 'ever so humble Mr Copperfield...' or maybe Bob Cratchett or Scrooge??   He was the first one of these!

Then the penguins decided to leave their usual black and white attire behind and don a more festive hue or four!   

Miss Kitty wanted to be the angel on the top of the tree !   

And the cardinal bird thought he looked festive enough in his red feathers!

I'll be bidding four of these goodbye soon as they make their way around the world and the good news is - I'll be getting four others!  Yeah!

Apologies for the disruption to our normal service - all things UFO and bee block will be resumed shortly!   

I have a major UFO update to tell you about but I just want to make two more blocks...


  1. they look wonderful .. making me smile x

  2. These are great, I'm sure they'll be loved

  3. Yup - I love making Christmas ornaments. I made 15 in total (so far) and I think I will only be keeping one of them! As addictive as rubber stamping (which I managed to do today and make some homemade wrapping paper!).

  4. Love them, the red cardinal is awesome :-)

  5. Aw these are fabulous decorations

  6. The penguins and Miss Kitty are just adorable! You're on a roll!


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