Tuesday 12 November 2013

Still trimming the tree!

I just squeaked into the deadline for the Trim the Tree sending !  I have to confess I was a bit confused and took the deadline - it must be in the post by date - to be the posting is open date!   Hence this last minute rush to get it all done in time!  oops - note to self - do check the details of what you sign up to and re-check!

Anyway my latest batch of tree decorations were birds!

They are made in linen - which meant a few frayed edges so tiny stitches were necessary to make sure they didn't just dissolve.  The tail was particularly tiresome to turn out and stuff but I got there in the end!

It was fun to add a bit of handstitched detail - only backstitch and satin stitch for the eye.  And the beak is a bit of felt!   Ideally I would have stitched both sides so when they refused to turn round I wouldn't feel like they were giving me the cold shoulder!   I did the stitching before assembling them - thought it would be easier.

We happened to have this twig in the house which my hubby calls kindling ??? I know slightly bonkers but that's how things roll in this house!   Not complaining now though as it was just what I needed to stage this photo!

That's that swap done - now all I need do is wait for a package or two to arrive.   Well four actually!   And I have to sort a little side swap of Christmas decorations out - and I have some others to spare!

Who knows where they will end up??


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