Tuesday 5 November 2013

The Very Berry Handmade ATC (Artist Trading Card) Swap!

Last time I swapped an ATC I had fun and this time has been no different.

It is a quilt in extreme miniature - beyond mini quilt status!

This time we have an autumn theme and I already showed off this in progress shot

And today I finished the stitching - I hope my subject matter is more obvious now!

And I also hope my partner likes it as otherwise my eldest daughter has taken quite a fancy to it!   Just got to finish it off into a card shape, sign and send it!

And this is the pumpkin filled one I received from Dawn, called Autumn Festival!   I can see she has put a lot of work into it with handstitching, beads, applique and colour!  Thank you so much Dawn for such a splendid reminder of everything Autumn!

And thanks Ali for getting us all going in your wonderful Very Berry Handmade ATC Swap!  I am sure there will be other rounds when even you can join in!


  1. This is lovely. I am sure your partner will be thrilled with it. If not, there are certainly a few other directions it could go in...

  2. It looks great, I put some stabilisers in the post for you, hope they arrive ok x

  3. Your butterfly is brilliant! Your partner will be so pleased to receive it.

  4. Did you see that your pic has made it on to Flickr Explore! Hooray!


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