Saturday 16 November 2013

Finishing the Fffff..... Farmer's Wife!

I started the Farmer's Wife oh about a year ago and I got as far as 32 blocks.  But then I stopped.  

Maybe because I wasn't that happy with the fabric choices? - I had decided big florals and checks and stripes would be in every block.  What was I thinking??

Maybe it was my less than perfect piecing?  Oh dear where are my points?  Answer: All over the place!

The good news is I seem to have improved on finding a use for those florals and with a bit of brighter newer fabric I think that my fabric style works well enough though I probably wouldn't choose to work with some of those fabrics again!

And not only that but my piecing has improved!  I redid some blocks and although not all points are present, they are more there than not!  But I started this project to learn and improve and I think I have!

And I needed to with some of those recent blocks which were pushing me well out of my comfort zone.  1" squares and even some 1" HSTs !   Argh!  They are not perfect but I pieced them all using templates - no paper piecing here - it just felt like that would be cheating....

So after all that talk here is the quilt top...well half...

And the side on view...

And finally the Full Monty!

Was it worth doing?  You bet - though I did wonder on many occasions!  


  1. Oh, it's absolutely wonderful! Well done, pet; you must be thrilled with it!

    P.S. Yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! It's finished ;o)

  2. Well done you. I think I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of actual finished FW projects so I am mightily impressed. f-f-f marvellous :-)

  3. That's fabulous Nikki! Massive congratulations on getting it finished I got the book last year for Christmas, bought fabrics in the January sale, cut all the templates out and then it's been languishing in a cupboard ever since. Maybe a project for next year instead?! I love your colours, they look bigger than 6" blocks though?

  4. It looks stunning - what an achievment!

  5. Beautiful, the white background has really made it. Some of the best quilts are the ones that you nearly give up on! :-)

  6. Great turnaround - love the mixed setting xxx

  7. It looks amazing Nicky. Well done with all those fiddly little bits

  8. You were obviously just practising and it looks perfect. Well done.

  9. I think you've brightened it up brilliantly and those old blocks still work!

  10. Well done! Still no inclination whatsoever to try this though, 1" HSTs?! That way madness lies... ;o)

  11. Really loving how your FW quilt has turned out N! Well done! Jxo


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