Friday 31 May 2013

Tidying up!

 I read with interest when my two friends Janine and Lucy linked up on making Bear's Paw quilts.  I love traditional blocks and Bear's Paw has been one of my favourites for a long time.

I even went as far as making a very traditional Bear's Paw quilt out of upcycled flannel sheets and shirts!   The only new bit was the backing.  I then quilted it on the machine -  eek!  This was before I could quilt on machine but I gamely  persevered through thick layers of flannel and finished it.

It is now covered in long black cat hair as our grumpy wee cat Saffy seems to have adopted it - she would, as the background is white!

Anyway here is my old bear's paw quilt (without the cat hair)

Very much made do and mend ...I bought the flannel for the back - but not quite enough hence the economy big bear paw on the back using up every scrap I had left!   

[You see Helen I have been fudging stuff since the beginning ]

Before I knew it yesterday I had taken some of those bonus HSTs I've been collecting out of their jar...

Each square only 1.5" and paired them with 2.5" squares to make these!

My modern scrappy baby Bear's Paw!

Though my layout has now changed to this ...

This baby bear knows where he is headed!  Straight for a picnic basket or possibly the trash can if we are being realistic!   Yogi eat your heart out!  Not sure yet about the negative spacing yet - it may need a bit of tweaking or trimming!

So thinking of joining in??  If so the Bear party is over here!   It's all there picnics and everything - ok I lied about the picnic...

And after this bit of play yesterday I made another Artist Trading Card!

I am calling it 'Hidden' as the wee baby deer is part camouflaged in his background, which is full of butterflies - had a Bambi moment when I picked that!   

Around my local area there are some very pale or white coloured deer in the wild which have escaped from an estate herd and branched out on their own.  This is one of their babies!  

Just recently two startled deer ran across a wooded lane in front of my car - so not only the deer were startled!  They don't follow the Green X code they just belt it as fast as they can....I'm glad to say those two made it safely!

So here are my two Artist Trading Cards - each measuring just 2.5" x 3.5" - that's what I found the hardest bit - getting the size right.  Thanks for your tips Helen!

I know which I'd pick!  What about you?

If you like the idea of joining in an ATC swap then Ali is already talking about running another round later in the year - Read about her plans here!  And do visit the Flickr Group - I'm not the only one making these!


  1. Bears and deer abound in your neck of the woods! Those little trading cards are so sweet. Di x

  2. Your mini bear is going to look favulous

  3. Mr rabbit is even more awesome now! Love your bear paws too :o)

  4. I love how you have arrnaged the baby paws and the negative space makes it cool and modern :) Your ATC cards are gorgeous too - why didn't I join in??

  5. That is a gorgeous bear paw and your modern one is just as wonderful.
    LOVE the little cards. The deer one is really beautiful. the little spots are a great touch. I am afraid I couldn't choose which I prefer at all.

  6. they are both so cute! Love the bear paw quilt - what is it with black cats and white quilts? Mine is the same!

  7. the trading cards are wonderful, love them.
    I really like the bear paw quilt and need to make another one soon.
    your mini is going to be great....isn't it fun to use up those little leftovers!

  8. Oh, another lovely QAL- your bear's paws are wonderful! I love the off set arrangement! And of course the embroideries are so sweet! I love Mr Rabbit..."I'm late, I'm late for a very important day!"

  9. I love that quilt. I'm new to quilting and never heard of the bear paw before, so thank you

  10. the minis are really gorgeous! I will never be that patient ... If your partner wants bambi I take the rabbit :)

  11. I love the ATCs but you already know that! I also love your 'bear on a ramble' block but you know that, too. The flannel quilt looks lovely, I bet it's nice and cosy on a cold evening...

  12. Great alternative placement on the paw prints, and how fab that you had spare HSTs! Our cats seem to think all quilts belong to them!

  13. Like the placement on the bears paw, makes it traditional, with a modern twist. Lovely!

    And your deer is great.

  14. Those baby paws are heading right for the honey jar, take it from a bearmaker...

    I want the rabbit ATC!

  15. I love your quilt and those baby paws are looking good! Your atc cards look nice too :)

  16. Love the baby bear paws and the white spacing is perfect, you modern old thing you!

  17. I can't beleive you said you might put the baby bear paw in the bin! I love it :-)

  18. I do love the rabbit, mostly as they don't write your car off, unlike the deer, or a bear!!


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