Thursday 30 May 2013

I'm (not going to be) late!

Thanks for all the comments yesterday and the guesses you emailed to me.   We shall just have to wait and see ....  who gets that nametag!

Turns out Mr Not-so-Grim is a bit like Marmite - some of you love him and some hate him!   

Have to say he was fun to make and I'll be happy to send him to his new owner...

Now I have another one to make as a one on one swap - such fun - with the fabulous Annabella who is making an extra block for my international bookshelf!   Hadn't pegged Annabella as a skull girl!

Today I need to get on with my Artist Trading Card Swap.   I am hoping to make a few and let my partner choose which I send!  

I have made a start on this one.. quite a different sort of thing! 

We have lots of rabbits in the garden - much to Maddie's disgust/delight as she loves to chase them away!   

And which rabbit is more famous than The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland?  Besides after Ali's reminder that we need to send soon I got worried that I'd be late!  Now I'm worried he won't quite fit on a card 2.5" x 3.5"....oh dear!

I have a few other designs to try - only drawings so far..but I do like this one best....


Finished the stitching and...couldn't wait to show you!

Apparently I can handstitch after all!


  1. I love him! And yes, you can definitely hand stitch - who told you you couldn't?!

  2. So much cuter than the skull! Di x

  3. Brilliant! So now take the book from last year and make her ... no do not!!!!

  4. He's gorgeous! Have you seen Lynz's latest post- she's been embroidering rabbits too.! And made a Maggie bunny too!

  5. Hee hee, loving the white rabbit! I have the unstitched flower bit to cover up, which I shall do at my gran's tomorrow evening.

  6. fantastic!
    love the chain stitching for his watch chain.
    too cute.

  7. Way fun! It inspires me to embroider something.

  8. I don't think I had myself down as a skull girl lol!


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