Wednesday 1 May 2013

My April in Fabric

I have been wondering just what I have done sewing-wise this past month!?

I have blogged quite a bit so I must have done something surely?

Well I certainly received some lovely blocks from two bees I am in:

from Bee mates Lucy, May, Carla, Helen, Annika, Jeanne, Tina and Veena!

My Charming Quilt now looks like this

Made using the this tutorial and with more blocks to come!

And here is what I worked on this month....
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Starting from the top left ....

for the challenge in the London Modern Quilt Guild we needed to make something to celebrate 150 years of the London Underground - Sherlock Holmes' profile can be found on the tiles at Baker Street he lives at 221B Baker Street, doesn't he?!

next up I finished the main part of my Wonky House quilt and made a little house for the border of this quilt.

I cut out lots of equilateral triangles to make a quilt - still got to stitch these - inspired by this lovely quilt by Annabella!

I tried to make my old UFO basket blocks more to my current taste by framing them in grey.

Next is a new, new project - more of that later in May!

I started some cross blocks...

Row three shows my spiderweb blocks for Sarah and Scottish dancing pumps - called ghillies (so Katy tells me) for Tina

Finally row four is all for Di - sprout blocks and a basket made in exchange for a lovely Liberty infinity scarf received way back in January ...

Phew!  Not so bad after all.

But I started this past month with a finish I squeezed into my FAL Quarter 1 - in the no-man's land between the end of one quarter and the beginning of the next!

No other UFO finishes sadly so I will be very busy next month!

Linking up with Lynne at Lily's quilts for Fresh Sewing Day!


  1. Lots of lovelies Nicky, especially the triangle wuilt

  2. You have been so busy missus.

  3. You have been a very busy!

  4. Well you really haven't been resting on your laurels . Busy girl.

  5. Wow! Love your charming Quilt! You have been a busy girl :) I love your Sherlock and we have many pairs of ghillies in our closet. They are called ghillies in Irish dance as well.

  6. Love that block in your new header. Very nice indeed. You most certainly have been a busy little bee. Wonder what you will get up to in May.

  7. Flippin' heck missus, did you ever sleep? jxo

  8. Wow, all of these blocks and projects are wonderful!
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  9. So happy I inspired you to make some triangles! Looks a great month to me :)

  10. hehe not too much then !!! I love the scottish dancing shoes

  11. Great round-up Nicky, love the dancing shoes!

  12. Hi Nicky - great to finally say hello this morning! You are certainly very busy - loved seeing the wonky houses quilt and the oral kiely stems pattern is great, I'll have to have a go at that too! Susanne :)

  13. Blimey, what a productive (and gorgeous!) month you've had!


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