Monday 6 May 2013

More bee blocks!

Now I have finished Rhonda's second block - almost twice over !

Unfortunately this morning I forgot I needed to trim the HSTs before sewing them together!  Which meant I put four rows together and then wondered why it wasn't coming out at 12.5" square!   Duh!  

Really I should try sewing with my brain engaged.

Lots of unpicking and trimming followed this discovery!

For some reason I am not so keen on this block anymore...

But I am glad I have finished it.

And while I was in bee block mode I knocked up an extra Road to Tennesse Block for Jan.  She wants her quilt to be a bit wider but isn't sold on the idea of having a border and was quailing at the idea of making another six blocks....not surprised with 32 x 2" background squares to cut and 16 x 3.5" print squares. 

I also tried out another little block from the Modern Blocks book compiled by Susanne Woods

This one is a study in value - should I be making more?  Or asking bee mates to help?  Not sure yet!

Now I'm ready to ponder on how to translate a Scottish castle into fabric and a few other things!


  1. Yup, trimming is the only way I can deal with HST's, no matter how much I loathe doing it!! Gorgeous blocks Nicky

  2. Love the triangle block! Definitely make some more

  3. Lovely blocks Nicky! I think I struggled with the first block when I made it and I only made 1 - definitely a bee block. I love the aqua one - yes make more!!

  4. Gorgeous blocks for Rhonda and Jan and I LOVE the aqua triangle!

  5. Your blocks look lovely. That last one looks like set in seams ?

  6. Oh the trimming is so much work! I hate to use the ripper! Love the triangle but I am lazy and would ask for help :D

  7. Gorgeous blocks. Thank you for the one for me. I've had the seam ripper out today too!

  8. Good luck with the castle interpretation! I like the triangle block but does it involve "y" seams!!!!!!!! ? You are a generous one to make another block for jan!

  9. that colour study is interesting. I can see you doing a few (lot) more of these. castle? should be fun.

  10. Well you know I love 2 of those blocks, I would detour Tennessee like the plague!

  11. Bwahaha, love the block with the knickers!


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