Wednesday 20 February 2013


Last year seemed to be the year of joining bees - it started with one in January 2012 and somehow became five at the end of the year!  Not sure how that happened....?   I guess I thought if one bee was fun, more would be more fun??

But I have to say I have learnt lots in the process, made new friends and tried things I wouldn't have!  So that is all good.

Trying to catch up on all the blocks is not so good - especially when you have fallen behind in making them.

So the last few days have been bee block marathons

Susan's Churndash blocks - which are not as dark and gloomy as these photos suggest - WE NEED MORE LIGHT !

Helen's blocks

Emily's X+ blocks - loved making these though fussing about with the fabrics may have taken more time than strictly required!

And her siggy block.
I have already sent Janine's block to her and she has received it

With a butterfly pincushion to accompany her butterfly Charles Rennie Mackintosh inspired block.

Jennie's blocks went out too and they have arrived!

IMG_0409Quatrefoil for Jennie

Quatrefoil for jennie

And here are two extras for Deb who has been waiting too long....

Still got to wrap most of these up and send in the post - I'm not too quick on that bit - must be more focussed !  And a few more to do - some really challenging ones....

And huge thanks to Jude who has just taught me to import photos from Flickr!  Never knew she was such a techy genius!  Thanks!


  1. You've been really busy making gorgeous blocks!

  2. My you've been busy! I'm relieved not to be in 5 bees anymore! You know you can copy the html codes from photos on flickr into your blog posts? Jxo

  3. they look great... swaps and Bees become addictive and sort of creep-up on you!! lol x

  4. All your blocks are beautiful.... especially mine!!! No hurry on the posting.......That's an adorable pincushion.

  5. You have been a busy Bee, Nicky! Love your x+ blocks especially.

  6. Oh my goodness! Loving Emily's block and I'm so glad Susan has a few more purples! You have some very happy hive buddies I'm sure :)

  7. Love my blocks, and everyone else's too. Thanks Nicky!

  8. All of them are wonderful but I like mine best!!! And my amazing pin cushion! Thanks again, Nicky :)

  9. Great blocks, really love the x & + especially!

  10. All looking fab, I'm also crap at the PO part of things!

  11. lovely blocks, looks like they have been keeping you busy.

  12. You really are as bad as me aren't you? Lovely blocks Nicky:-)


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