Saturday 23 February 2013

Dolly Mixtures!

Did you ever eat these?

Some of the first sweets I probably ate as they are soft and less likely to cause choking.   Probably much healthier stuff around now with less sugar and E-numbers!

Well I don't usually work in these colours but yesterday I did!

It started out as one lonely block I made up as a possiblity for the Modern Christmas Tablerunner Swap - the original one that my friend Susan was running and lured me into - yes it goes back that far!   

Unfortunately my partner didn't notice or like it so it has been lying around on its ownsome waiting patiently for it's turn to get friends or be made into something.

The cute little flower fabric was a gift from my then new friend
Helen or Archie the Wonder Dog as we also know her !

I had to have a look to work out the measurements again but actually it is a very simple make and fun to see the pairs of fabrics become sweet little Scandinavian interlaced hearts - usually seen in red and white card on the Christmas tree full of sweets!  Yum - back to Dolly Mixtures!

Anyway one became 12 and here they are

A close up of two sweethearts

I was left with a little pile of triangles 

But even I am not that stingy!  They went in the bin!

Onto some borders now and maybe a finish in February and a crossing off my Lazy Bums and FAL lists!  That's got to be good!


  1. Adorable! I don't know how anyone couldn't like it.

  2. Cute hearts! I'm not a dolly mixtures fan though, I was more a gummy sweet person

  3. Definitely a Spring table runner. You are crossing off your FALs really quickly. Di x

  4. They look gorgeous. And I loved dolly mixture as a child. You couldn't get it in Canada so I always bought loads when we were over here. Memories!

  5. I never really liked dolly mixtures either - I preferred wine gums! Your blocks are really pretty and it's so satisfying when you pick up the orphan block and make some more :-)

  6. They look lovely, and now I am feeling peckish!

  7. your little hearts look very pretty. Haven't seen those sweets here.
    they do look yum though.

  8. Dolly Mixtures are still one of my favs today!! I've an incurable sweet tooth. Your hearts are adorable N! So cute! Jxo

  9. I really really like those blocks - but now for some reason have the strongest urge to shove fabric in my mouth, blooming diets!

  10. gorgeous! The runner that is not the sweets!!

  11. These little hearts are lovely ! And I like the way you've got a secondary flower type block :)

  12. Your hearts are charming! I want to make some!!

  13. Ha! You didn't keep the little ones? Shame on you :)

    They're beautiful. The colors are just lovely and the pattern a great idea. Lovely blocks!

  14. These look fab, have you made them out of paper, 3D? I tried some this year with variable widths, and wavy cuts, they always shout Christmas to me


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