Friday 5 October 2012

oh pants!

Why pants?  Not really sure but better than other words I would otherwise be tempted to say!  You may of course insert your own personal favourite!

I thought with everyone settled into a new routine I could get back to stitching in peace and blogging more than just the occasional post but Tummybugitis caught up with me and was determined to strike me down!

Nothing much achieved therefore on Monday or Tuesday - nothing you want to know about!  TMI!!

Anyway Wednesday I began to feel better and yesterday even more so!  I got to the sewing machine and got several Bee Blocks done!  Hurrah!

Two for Emily for the Modern Stitches Bee

I just adore the wee star she asked for....wish I had properly read her instructions as she would have liked more if possible....would have been delighted to oblige!

Two for Jude and beeblessed!

One for Benta!  Poor thing she is getting this block for her Silver Wedding Anniversary quilt - hence the grey background!  But in our Star of Africa Bee he represents Scotland as he is of course Angus the Scottie Dog or Scottish Terrier!  Do you remember one with a pronounced Scottish accent in Lady and the Tramp??

I haven't been half hearted in this - honest- by missing out the corners!  Benta is making interlocking stars and each one will have a middle representing different countries.  The other stars will be filling in the gaps...

One started for Jen - so sorry Jen (also in the Star of Africa Bee and due in August - oops!)  I offered Angus to either Benta or Jen and Benta got in there!

Then I thought of another wee Scottish animal - well not only Scottish - but in the UK this normally timid little chap fares better than his American cousin who has out-competed him in the South! 

 I was having cold feet about him and whether he would look like he was supposed to but the lovely Helen urged me on!  I am hoping this rough cut out gives you an idea of what it is!?? well supposed to be!

Jen actually asked for animals - you would think by my past blocks of Hamish the Highland Bull and Nessie that there are only animals in Scotland - no offence up North this is NOT true!  

Jen wants to make a book for her kids to amuse them at the zoo or on car journeys - she is going to ask them to find the animals IRL!  Nessie was tempting I can tell you but I relented!

Only that one to finish off, some refining of a granny or two for Wendi (blocks too small - grrrr) and Lucy's feather block to do - which I am really looking forward to...might have to make some for myself!  I can't believe that it is still the first week of the month and I have got so many bee blocks done ok one of these is overdue but even so....

Grr again as I have just realised I forgot the siggy blocks - ah well pride comes before and all that.

I am queen again this time in the Star of Africa Bee and I have asked for fictional characters from beloved books !  I am thinking the blocks will be the front cover and the siggy blocks - as I have now asked for long thin ones - can be the spine of my very own international library!  And I must make sure I read them all!  This Bee is proving very educational in a fun and chatty sort of way!


  1. sorry to hear you have been under the weather. Lovely blocks though!

  2. Lovely blocks, hope you feel better soon tho... x

  3. You are working well despite the tummy bug. Lovely blocks and your partnesrs should be very pleased. Love the Scottie dog.

  4. You have definitely made up for time lost while having a tummy bug! Love all your bee blocks, they are so clever and bright.
    Can't wait to see the blocks that come your way, you have picked a style that will spark the imagination.

  5. Great collection there, and hope you're feeling all better now. I always forget the frigging siggy blocks!

  6. All gorgeous Nicky and glad to hear you're feeling better :) XX

  7. Like the others, I hope you feel better soon. I worked on bee blocks last night for Emily. I must not have read the directions very well because my small star block was too small to use. I have to redo it tonight. UGH!!!!

  8. Ugh, tummy bug! I hope it's all gone now! I can recommend a bottle of Yakult a day for a few weeks...worked wonders for me! I love your red squirrel block - please finish him! I love the star blocks and can't decide which I want to make first...probably none of them in reality (not because they're not wonderful but because I'm lazy!) but they do make my fingers itch for the sewing machine!!

  9. Long, thin siggy blocks? Must go and check out flickr! What else did I miss?
    I havent done any of the blocks, yet. So you are way ahead of me! Btw, you think I'm brave for sewing a coat? I chickened out on the squirrel ;-) Our German ones also look different then the North American ones: they are red, with a white belly and cute little tufts of hair on the tips of their ears (like a lynx). I am going with a different animal.

  10. You got a lot done for someone who feels yucky. Hope you are feeling much better soon.

    Love the squirrel....if that is what it is.

  11. Hope you feel much better, I am sure making these lovely blocks must have cheered you up!

  12. Well, glad to hear you're starting to feel better. And it's showing in your productivity too :)

  13. So many blocks......glad the bug has gone.

  14. Hope you are 100% soon, by the looks of the sewing, you are doing ok x

  15. Glad that the lugy has left you. Your blocks are great. Di x

  16. Aw sorry you've been poorly. Glad you're feeling better, and thanks so much for more BB blocks! Love them, Jxo

  17. Oooh, oooh, oooh, come on mr postie!! (I love the other blocks too b.t.w :-)


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