Sunday 28 October 2012

Goodies Galore !

I can't tell you how thrilled I am about two parcel which arrived recently chez moi!

First to arrive was my pincushion from the lovely Sheila - I may have mentioned that Sheila and I invited some friends to join us in a bee called Bee a Brit Stingy !  We wanted to use our stash for this bee hence the name!

Well we don't start officially until January 2013 as we are all beavering away with lots of things and for me it means I can keep to only 5 (!!!!) bees as the first bee I joined - Sew & Bee Happy! - finishes in November!  Eek!

Anyway to get to know each other a little better we decided on a small, quick swap - a pincushion!

Well I made this one which has arrived at Karen's house

The top is hand appliqued using some new carboard pieces called flat jewels I think!  It is quite big so shouldn't go amiss....I got a bit carried away!  When I first made it there was something not quite right - so I added those vintage buttons in the middle which helped ploof it up and weight it down a bit.

And Sheila made me this gorgeous one 

Not so much a pincushion but she must know I dither about deciding what to do so it is an action cube with choices of quilt, pin, sew and unpick !   Then it has lots of pockets - which did come full of sweet goodies - seen here!  All seem to have vanished now however!  And a wee fabric historical note at the bottom reminds we both started out using Debbie Mumm fabric in the 80s!

Thank you so much Sheila and my apologies for not showing it off before now!

My second parcel is my tote from the Mouthy Stitches 2 Swap

I showed you what I sent has arrived safely and my partner seems pleased - in fact she has been very nice about it!

I can now show you the letter 'K' which was hiding behind the button as it has gone to Kerry who blogs here!

I came across her or rather her quilt at the NEC Festival of Quilts when I went round with My Mouthy Stitches 2 Swap Mama Susan and took a photo of this quilt...Kerry then claimed it as hers as I didn't know who had made it...the quilts were not labelled.

I took the photo for Archie of course and it is the only one I have blogged about from the FoQ lazy blogger that I am.  I have just been over to Kerry's blog and she has entered it into the Blogger's Quilt Festival - you can go and vote for it!  There is a tail tale attached so take a hanky!

That was mine sent, but I got mine received a couple of days back but have been keeping it a little secret as the lovely May who sent it to me, only put it up on Flickr after I received it and I wanted everyone to have the chance to see it before I laid claim to it!

So here it is - welcome to Moominland!

I love Moomins and although they didn't feature in my mosaic May knows my weakness from her bee the Star of Africa - where we make blocks reflecting the country we come from.  May is from Finland the home of Tove Jansson and the Moomintrolls!

I love my tote and the moomin bits that came with it!  I even bought a Moomin notebook to live in my tote today!   I am a happy, happy bunny!

Various rumours may have been aired that I am at times like Little My - the feisty little girl with hands on hips but I can assure you that is almost not true!

 I am hoping for more Moomin magic as I am Queen Bee in the Star of Africa bee and have asked for a fictional character - I'm hoping for Moominmama!   Eventually I think I will need the whole set! 

Oh my what a long post - wake up and congrats you have got to the end!


  1. Congrats on some wonderful presents! May sure had your number! But who wouldnt love the Moomins!

  2. You made beautiful things. You received beautiful things. I call that very good swapping.

  3. Oh, what wonderful goodies! I am glad someone worthy has received those moomins! Clever May! And that cube pincushion is great, with all those pockets too!
    And the lovely Carl, to send away! gorgeous. Clever you, too!

  4. wow so much gorgeousness!
    never heard of Moomins, must consult the great oracle - google

  5. Moomins take me right back: I havn;t heard of them in years. You have received fabulous swap items and I love the pinnie and the tote that you made too

  6. I love the Moomins! Everything in this post is wonderful but where is the photo of the Moomin notebook?! (And I think we'd all like to see a photo of you looking like Little My!)

  7. That tote is very cute Nicki and looks like you are super pleased.

  8. Lots of well deserved loveliness xzz

  9. Oh, wow, how spoilt are you? What lovely stuff!

  10. can't beat a bit of "ploofing up"...and I LOVE my pinnie ;-)

  11. Lovely pincushions and the bag is cool too!


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