Monday 15 October 2012

I might have bought some fabric...

Which might look like this...

For those of you who are fabric junkies the deets are as follows left to right:

Kukla Meadow in Bright ( Robert Kaufman )
Small Chevron in Tone on Tone Yellow ( Riley Blake )
Kona in Aloe ( Robert Kaufman )
Lady Bugs in Apple ( Free Spirit )
Hand Picked Daisies in Grass ( Free Spirit )
Bella in Mint ( Moda )
Specimen in Dream ( Free Spirit )
Circle Cross in Green ( Free Spirit )
Bella in Pistachio ( Moda )
Trunks in Gray ( Riley Blake )
Honeycomb in Sunglow ( Free Spirit )
Josephine's Bouquet in Meadow ( Rowan )
Heath in Chartreuse ( Alexander Henry )
Marguerite Dot in Green( Riley Blake )

Don't get all excited now all three pics are of the same fabrics!  I just love them so!

I am getting addicted to making my own bundles and it is far too easy to do this at pinkcastlefabrics.  Sadly I am not sponsored by them indeed I am probably responsible for a trade deficit in fabric between the UK and US...okay I may not be the only one!  There  are a few of you out there!  You know who you are!!


  1. Your bundle is gorgeous! Love the color range!

  2. Oh..gorgeous! Do you have a definite plan for these...after you have finished admiring and stroking them, of course!!!!!!

  3. Pretty, and are you returning to your love of green?

  4. Ooops! (but I can understand!). What are you planning o make?

  5. oh you bad girl! lol hang on while I grab a tissue - Heath in Chartreuse! Squuuuueeeee!

  6. What a lovely bundle. What have you got planned for them. I buy from the US all the while. It's too cheap not too :-(

  7. oh man you make me want to shop.

  8. Gorgeous!! Do you need someone to come and fold and organise your stash for you?! *puts up hand to volunteer*

  9. Guilty! I'm waiting for a Pink Castle delivery too...

  10. Wow! Nicky you really do have an eye for a good bundle.... lovely!

  11. Ooh they're lovely - love the colors - I bet you're going to have a great time using them up!

  12. I won't tell you they have a 25% off sale going on then......=D

  13. Lovely materials. I have the green/beige dot, but found it in a vintage store! It's rather old and has faults in it.

  14. Fabulous choices and 25% off this weekend!! Just thought I'd mention it.......

  15. Hmm, now you've not used much of late, did you deserve more? ;o)

  16. Love your bundle! such super colours. I can understand why you got the all!


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