Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Wonky trees!

Just in case you thought I had given up my wonky ways I thought I would show you the latest in our wonky world!


Here were mine in the making - using strip piecing and applique which I have done before but then I moved onto curved piecing and reverse applique which I hadn't tried out before...

These were my trees going off to the US of A to find new homes throughout the world!

And here are the ones I received back!  Tada!

The green set!

The colour set!

Have to say I am happy with them all and particularly with this little one which has more airmiles than I do!  He was made in Australia by Leanne, (aka daisyandjack)  he flew to see Jane our swap mama in the USA and then flew to stay with me!

Now I have to let you into a secret!  Leanne told me she was going to label one for me but wanted me to guess which one!  I duly told her I liked all her trees but said this one really spoke to me!  And then that tease Leanne wouldn't say anymore except I would have to wait and see!  

So I couldn't have been more delighted when I saw him at the top of the pile!  So though I think you are truly outrageous (hehe) I thank you from the bottom of my heart Leanne!


  1. I am simply charmed by all these wonky trees!

  2. I am simply charmed by all these wonky trees!

  3. You've got some lovely wonkies there N! What will you do with them now? Jxo

  4. Ah what a lovely wonky forest :-)

  5. I talk to the trees...la la la...but your trees talk back, that's ok.

  6. Wow - the selection you received is incredible. How excited are you?

  7. I am glad you get to play with other like-minded people!!! ;)

  8. Hey Nicky, told you I was gonna check out your blog right away ;-)
    Love what I am seeing already! So cool you joined the bee!

  9. What crazy looking trees! Love them all! =D

  10. Katy made me chuckle ;)

    I love them all together!! Such a fun forest x

  11. Your trees are darling : ) So glad to be a part of this bee with you : )

  12. he he he :) Love your trees - isn't it fabulous learning new techniques to do for these swaps ! really crossing my fingers I get one of yours as well - sent and received are all so fabulous !

  13. Wow, you have such great ideas!!!!! Have a beautiful day!

    Kristin xx

  14. A veritable forest! Love these, especially your curvy piecing ones :) x


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