Sunday 27 May 2012

Bee-ing good!?

Have you noticed I have been good!?

I have been sticking to my plan of finishing UFOs - well almost - the Siblings Together quilts being the exceptions, but that was for charity so I'm sure they don't count as being bad!

I also had a pirate costume to make, which was on my daughter's list since Christmas, though I seem to have missed it off mine - obviously it should have been there!

I am feeling very virtuous!  Heehee!  You know there is a but..... coming don't you?

So when Lucy wrote about a new bee starting I followed like a lamb and found myself in the midst of chatty girls and lots of fun - aka Scrappy? Sew Bee It!

Scrappy? Sew bee it!
Button by the lovely Lucy!

Well it's all Cindy's fault apparently as the Bee mama May fell in love with Cindy's  Stargazing quilt which I contributed two blocks to in January!  I am expecting to see this quilt finished at FQ Retreat next weekend - pinch me, I can't believe it! - adorned with Trudi's beautiful FMQ!  Now she is a Queen of FMQ and I cannot wait to see someone's work who can do it properly!

Anyway here is a sneaky peek of my third Stargazer block....

And a siggy block to go with...more can be revealed once it lands in May's hands but she just wants to see a glimpse!  I may have revealed too much already!?   Yes and excuse my writing - eugh - this is the best I can do - honest peeps!

My virtue continues as I have done two converging corners blocks for Bee Blessed as asked by Jude!  This is a bee which makes quilts for people in need in Jude's community and prolific they are too!  

On a purely selfish point I enjoy the challenge that Jude sets me each month and all the tutorials she creates or points me to!  This block makes stunning quilts - go check it out!  So if you want to help out and learn at the same time - why not join in!??   There is no obligation to play every time and fabric is always welcome even if you cannot make blocks! 

I was in a very green moment and just hope they fit in!   Jude offered to collect them at FQ but I am entrusting them to the Royal Mail as with my record recently I would no doubt leave them behind!  But I am looking forward to meeting Jude at FQ too!  

And I know a girl called  Martha May (my beautiful bag that I won from Jude) that wants to be re-united with her mama!  I love this bag!

One or two things left to do before next weekend - my swap samples - panic not I hope to finish them today - and if I can fit it in, another Siblings Together quilt!


  1. You and Martha May on the weekend. Perfect!

  2. Thats some sparkly halo you got there ;-) I was sure this post was going to end with you treating yourself to a MASSIVE amount of fabric.... See you soon!

  3. You have been a real busy bee ;-) and I loved that costume you made for your daughter!!!

  4. Watch that halo doesn't slip and strangle you ;o) Good luck with the list!

  5. You are definitely an angel! Have fun next weekend!

  6. Your halo is glowing!! Love your blocks....

  7. I will see that bag coming down the aisle!!

  8. Here I was thinking that the sun was shining and all the time it was just the glow from your halo!!

    Methinks you are going to have way too good a time at this quilt convention.

  9. You definitely have been one busy bee. Love your stargazer and converging corners picked really nice fabrics and color combination. :)

  10. Are you sure you haven't rewarded yourself with some new fabric?! I was the same as Sarah, I kept waiting for the big bundle of FQs! (I think you deserve it!!) Well done on making the lovely bee and swap blocks now go and polish your halo and get to work on the third Sibs quilt!

  11. Now you have been virtuous you can join the rest of us next weekend! I may be lusting over Martha May though! Di x

  12. But where is the priate picture? We need to see it. Please? please, I will be good, but I really want to see!

  13. Wow you have been good indeed! Sewing away like a mad woman =D

  14. Should I be nervous?
    Hugs, May

  15. Love all your new goodies! i love the colors in May's block and your bag is beautiful!!

  16. Not long now until you go! I expects lots of blog posts for those of us not going!


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