Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Knock, Knock!

Who's there?

Mr Postman!

Come in, come in....sorry I know it should end in a funny line but I am so delighted I cannot think of one!

Not only did this arrive recently, 

Someone tempted me and I gave in....bought from M is for Make - can't remember who but I am watching you....!  Some Curious Nature from Parson Gray and some others that caught my eye...

Then these arrived today....

Blaming Helen for tempting me this time - luring me in with Lu Summers though I bought different ones!

Finally some more daisies for the daisy thing I am going to do!

Not only all of that but I got my list of FQ Retreat classes!  Yipee!  Jumping up and down, skipping, singing and if I could it would be cartwheels too! 

And I 'know' some people in the same classes as me and some are even at the same time!  So giggling in the corner is bound to happen!  Though I will need to track Susan and a few others down outside classroom time!  Er... Susan was into the giggling she said...but I will be too especially if more than one glass of wine is involved...


  1. Hurray! Id be doing cartwheels for you if I could. Face plants arent half as exciting.

  2. What are you doing at the retreat? I need details!! I love your new fabric, especially the Summersville - I got my little order this morning and I love it! What are you making with yours?

  3. There will certainly be more than one glass of wine involved. Fact.

  4. I'm classes with Susie and Cindy - the 2 gigglers!! Lovely haul you got there! Jxo

  5. Err, that first pile might have been my fault...

    Anywho, lovely haul all round!

  6. oh god, I NEED summersville! Off to hunt down some cheapy cheap as I can find, I cannot resist any longer ;-)
    Can't wait to giggle with everyone in 'real life' next month

  7. Great fabrics! I've just ordered some summersville prints too! Love them...Those daises are cute! =D

  8. I can see me having to be designated pavement monitor!

  9. Oh, sounds like fun, Nicky!

    Love the latest goodies for the postman. So much fabric goodness to moon over... sigh...

  10. what gorgeous fabrics!
    I think that first lot got delivered to you by mistake it was meant to come to my place...lovely

  11. Nice fabric! Fun ahead....

  12. Lovely grouping of fabric! Summerville is one of my favs.
    Simply Miss Luella

  13. Ever thought of opening a fabric shop? LOL!

  14. ooohhh - such fun and thanks for keeping us in the loop - I'll feel like I'm there with you ! and that curious nature is to die for - I've been trying to keep away but I'm not sure how long for :) love all the other fabrics and those daisies are so cute - can't wait to see where they're going :)


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