Wednesday, 9 May 2012

The postman came again!

Yes and he brought me a big bag of wadding which is why he knocked on the door!

But more importantly he also brought a small neat package from Terri!

Are you as excited as me??

My nametag for FQ Retreat and an extra!

Ok the tension mounts - this was the cutest of notes and the wrapping!

Here is the 'extra' a notebook - personalised just for me!  Terri writes my name with a sewing machine better than I write it with a pen!

Fuzzy photo of me wearing my nametag - perfect colours for what I am wearing today! 

A close up of the nametag saying hello to my constant companion Elisa's crane!

Sorry you guys but I have the cutest nametag ever!  And a perfect souvenir of the event - even though I haven't got there yet!

Such perfect stitching - Aneela I need your help!


  1. Absolutely perfect name tag. Lucky you!

  2. Very cute nametag! I wish I could write even half as neatly as that. Love the star shape of it, too!

  3. I hope you have a wonderful time at your retreat!!

  4. That is so super cool! Well done, T!

  5. Yipee!! I'm so pleased you like it. I loved doing it for you, and I new you had a crush on lime green! xx

  6. what a perfect little star!

  7. Wonderful! The tag is so cute and how great is that stitching! such a great notebook too - shame I can't steal it ;)

  8. Love the stitching on these!

  9. Wow, great stuff into and out of your house!

  10. That's so cute!
    I think our postman has gone on strike!

  11. It's fabulous - it suits you perfectly! I'm also expecting some wadding...just need to piece the front and back before it gets here!
    P.S. Is that the cardi you got for your birthday?!

  12. such a cute little name badge - love the crane as well :)

  13. Totally lovely! I'm going to spot everyone by their nametags in a couple of weeks time! x


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