Wednesday 6 March 2019

Furtling time !

Hello all you fellow furtlers!

If you are not a furtler yet then please join up with Archie the Wonder Dog and enjoy the fun.

Mini Archie is waiting with a pointy stick in case you are tardy.....speaking of which I’d better address my very own bit of furtling...

After I came back from Thread House Retreat I managed to catch the flu and just stayed in bed and didn’t do much at all.  But I seem to have regained my energy now and have been busy in the sewing room and here is what I’ve done...

February started off with a new stitching club I set up in Horsham - Horsham Stitchers


There were nine of us !   And this weekend I enjoyed another session - a few different people came and a few with a Siblings Together connection, which I’m thrilled about as they brought wonderful quilts to donate to the charity - from Sue Blake and Suzanne Foster.

I finished off making this top for Siblings Together with help from my #STQB mates - it was a really easy block made from two fabrics - a print and a solid


  1. What super fun quilts, Nicky!

  2. Hi Nicky, I am trying to get back into blogging after a long break and finding it all confusing. Finally figured out how to send you a comment. Well done on your new group and all the beautiful quilts.xx

  3. What a lovely month you've had once the flu tittled off! Thanks for Furtling and spreading the word!

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