Thursday 31 January 2019

Furtling thoughts and plots

My dear dear friend Helen is starting  up a links page for blogs to encourage us to read blogs, write blogs and socialise in general.  It’s a crafty blog sort of a thing ...write about your craftiness done during the past month or look forward to your plans for the coming month and link up  - then review at the next link up.  She will be ably assisted by her tiny friend mA and he will be keeping a sharp eye out for any slackers that need a bit of a prod with a pointy stick to get going...

Archie The Wonder Dog

Indeed I feel a bit of a prickle at the back of my neck ....wondering if that could possibly be him?

Today I’ve been a bit distracted - while feeling ill I’ve been watching back to back episodes of Marie Kondo’s show on decluttering and so I suddenly decided to start tidying up my sewing room today.

I’ve emptied a whole lot of stuff into the lounge - now the whole house is in turmoil!  But part of my sewing room is beginning to look great.

I’ve taken down one design wall and moved it so I can hang up a little quilt hanging I’ve had for ages but no wall space to put it up.

I made this hanging with help from my first ever bee - Sew and Bee Happy.   It was an attempt to work out my making process so has words and images associated with those words and quite good FMQ if I may say so?  A lot better than anything I can do now anyway....


  1. Sorry to hear you've been ill, Nicky, and I had no idea Marie Kondo had a show! Sorting often makes the mess worse before it gets better, or is that just at my house...? I half-remember you making that wall hanging y'know--or at least the rotary cutter because I thought that was clever! Perhaps we should get back into free motion quilting again...
    Hazel (from WP)

  2. I love your wall hanging and am thrilled you've found a space to hang it. And I agree with Hazel, things definitely have to get worse before they can get better when it comes to tidying, but being able to move stuff into another room while you tidy the space it's come out of should hopefully help - at least you won't be hopping over boxes! Thanks for linking up and spreading the word about furtling! *waves pompoms*

  3. I discovered Marie Condo this month and have superb drawers to prove it, it certainly creates more space as long as I don't fill it.

  4. That's a wonderful wall hanging. It certainly deserves to on display. I hope you're feeling better :)

  5. What a great wall hanging, I'm glad you found a space for it. And having made it within a bee makes it extra special!
    I hope you get your sewing room sorted. My sewing stuff is stored all over the house, since I have no sewing room, but I should get some organisation in it... No idea which room I could move it into to sort it out though ;-)

  6. Love that wall hanging, it is really nice sometimes to make room for new things. I've just cleared a wall in my sewing room so I can enjoy some of the things I plan to finish this year.

  7. Gorgeous wall hanging Nicky, hope you feel better soon

  8. I love your wall hanging and also feel inspired to do a bit of decluttering myself now! Good for the soul

  9. Hope you are feeling better Nicky. I also watched all of Marie Kondo’s programmes and having Konmari’d my eldest’s room and mine we filled 21 black sacks of charity stuff and rubbish. Scary how much one accumulates. Should really do my sewing room..... by the way great idea of Helen’s

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