Thursday 21 March 2019

The Furtling that happened in March

Archie The Wonder Dog

Mini Archie is ready with his furtling stick I’m sure so I’m trying to be really ready this time.

There was the second session of Horsham Stitchers at the beginning of the March, where I was thrilled to meet to lovely ladies and gather quilts from some of them for Siblings Together.   It was my first time meeting Sue Blake and Suzanne Foster.

Here are the wonderful quilts they brought

We had two beginners come along and I put them to work making the blocks that Trudi and Viv have requested for the #miniblockdrive just five colour graded 2 1/2” strips, 10 1/2” long, making a 10 1/2” square block...and here they are

Also my eldest daughter has taken to cross stitch and finished off this cute foxgloves kit 

I haven’t been idle either - I’m up to date with putting all the Friendship star blocks I’ve received together.  It’s a real community project and it will be going to Festival of Quilts to show our quilting community just how marvelous you people are making quilts for Siblings a Together.  See next photo bottom right...

And then having sorted out a lot of donations I managed to finish three quilt tops - Clockwise from top left:  Framed stars (due to a mistake in cutting at night ....don't ask !!) ; A top made from Karen Lewis orphan blocks and some Kona Thistle I added in the background; #expandinguniversequilt; and a scrappy strip top...

I also volunteered to do a demo of hand quilting at my local fabric shop, Closs & Hamblin, in exchange for some publicity later in the year for another quilt show of Siblings Together quilts - more on that later.

I was a bit worried beforehand as I don't think I have good teaching skills but in the end I just talked (I can do that forever) and invited people to Horsham Stitchers and also spoke about Siblings Together.  I met lots of crafters who don't do patchwork...yet!

As my demo I decided to hand quilt my snowdrop Hawaiian block which was of interest to many.

This is how far I got on....

I'm loving all that texture.... I'm getting quite into it I have to say and really want to see it finished - I wasn't sure if I should make this a quilt ( the pattern is from and there is a calendar of designs available free of charge) or a cushion cover....the jury is still out but it may be something to pick up and do from time to time with the other flower patterns....

So that was my month - what about yours?  
Do link up with the lovely Helen and let's all have a furtle along the blogosphere!


  1. Such wonderful projects! How did you learn hand quilting? I'm starting my first hand pieces & hand quilting project. I LOVE your Hawaiian snowdrop block, it's fabulous!!!

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  3. That snowdrop block is just beautiful, lovely hand quilting too. I have an Hawaiian applique quilt on the back burner too, seeing your block makes me want to risk Archie's poking stick by starting it before I've finished my FAL list!

  4. What a busy month! The snowdrop block is stunning - I hope you get some new members of Horsham Stitchers and ST quilters xx

  5. P.S. Thank you for linking up and spreading the word about Furtling - Mini Archie was indeed waiting with a very big stick!

  6. What lovely activities! I keep carrying my Hawaiian block/mini quilt around with me, and not stitching very much on it... it is motivating to see your progress, maybe I need to add it to my FAL list?

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