Tuesday 29 March 2016

Scraptastic Tuesday - all the squares!

Scraptastic Tuesday

I didn't believe I would get this quilt finished this quarter.  I only had a few nine patches made and thought it would take a long time to make enough to for a quilt.

I had been cutting squares for it, so I got them out, sorted them into ninepatches and used them to quickly build my blocks.  It is astounding how quickly these can be chain pieced together.

Originally I thought of a 10 X 10 layout, then thought a border would lend those edges extra robustness and made it 9 X 9.   After looking at several options I settled on a 3" border in grey sketch - it is a quiet border that supports that edge, rather than one that shouts! 

This photo shows the lovely backing fabric that Sarah donated to help me make quilts for Siblings Together.  She is a lovely generous lady and her comments on my quilts always make me feel happy and energised to make more for this worthy cause.

And here it this scrappy nine patch quilt finished....

For more news about the 100 Quilts for Siblings Together campaign go here!

Linking this finished quilt for Siblings Together to the Link Up as part of the tally towards our 100 quilt target.

Siblings Together Quilt Linky Party

I will also be linking this quilt to the Finish-A-Long 2016 at the quarter end

Finish A Long 2016

This quilt is on my FAL2016 list here


  1. Great quilt. You made this quickly!

  2. You astound me! Another excellent finish! :)

  3. Congratulations on your finished quilt.
    This is a beauty, love the colors.

  4. yay for a lovely finish! I'll share on the FAL fb page!

  5. I love nine-patches! Lovely quilt!

  6. What a lovely quilt - another one for a great cause!

  7. Bravo!!! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2016 global FAL hosts.


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