Friday 11 March 2016

Another Welsh blanket quilt - or two!?

Having made a couple of versions of Mary Emmens' welshblanket quilt Caernarfon I jumped at the chance to repeat the process when she asked for pattern testers for her new pattern - St David's Cross.

I have a pinterest board with some colour combinations provided by the company Design Seeds and there was one that leapt out at me for this five colour pattern.  I don't really make quilts inspired by a photo like this and thought it would be fun to try it out (idea pinched from Lynne @Lily's Quilts)

So this was my inspiration but it took me quite a while to find the fabrics that I could use for this colour scheme.  Eventually I decided to use some dark brown and greys from my stash and sourced these at @simplysolids :  

Squared Elements in Watermelon

Linea in Cream, and 

Tucker Prairie Tiny Crosses in Coral Bells

And then I had the joy of making the blocks - in two colourways - to make my from-the-start doublesided quilt.  Well I had to test my theory that it would be easier to Quilt As You Go to make a double sided quilt as doing it after putting the tops together was a little bit tricky.

With Mary's quick strip-piecing methods it really didn't take long to cut out the fabric 

and piece the blocks.

Nor did it really take a long time to quilt them as you go - this is a stack waiting for some quilting in the ditch...

What has been taking time is stitching all these blocks together be totally honest I just haven't had the time in long enough bits to focus on it these past few weeks!   But all the blocks are now pieced together into three bigger bits now!

I just need to join them together and maybe this weekend I'll get the time to finish that process. 

Edit : and so I did just that and here's the proof!

Beautiful pattern by Mary Emmens
Fabric from Simply Solids 
Mad idea to make it double sided by me!


  1. These are great! Love the oomph in the orange.:)

  2. Those are great blocks; they look so good together. It will be a wonderful quilt. Love the orange too. ;^)

  3. Oh my gosh - fab pattern, fab colours, shame the maker is clearly mental, but it will be an awesome quilt!!!'

  4. they are both so gorgeous !! what a fantastic pattern - I think you have a "thing" about double sided quilts !!

  5. Wow - this is great. Lovely to hear how you modified making it this time. The results are wonderful!!

  6. Bravo! *stands up and applauds* I love the colours you chose!


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