Tuesday 16 February 2016

Scraptastic Tuesday - Winners in February

Hello again!

Remember my Blueberry Park mini apple cores?  

Well I hand stitched all those little apple cores together, trimmed the panel square, quilted about a quarter inch either side of the seam and added some mustard linen to the edge.  The back is more of the mustard linen and an exposed chunky yellow zip with cute circle zip pull (meant for a jacket but I cut off the zip stop at the end).  

And now I have a finished cushion to enjoy...

My son says it reminds him of ravioli - so my Ravioli Cushion it is then! 

My little bit of sunshine in my sewing room no matter what the weather!

And now its time to award the prizes for the February Scraptastic Tuesday link up.

A huge thank you to our generous sponsors for providing the following prizes which will have been awarded randomly among the record 98 people who joined us, well done all of you:
      Congratulations to our winners! Leanne will be sending you each an email today to get you connected to your prizes.

      Thank you for joining Leanne from She Can Quilt and I, and for sharing so much scrappy inspiration. Please plan to join us again on the second Tuesday in March - on March 8, 2016.


      1. I have a small apple core piece that is on the shelf that I have forgotten about - I have not quilted it, it could be a little mat for the table - I just forgot about it thanks for showing yours

      2. My lucky day, thank you. Ravioli....better than panty liners!

      3. Wow! Thank you a voucher to one of my favourite quilt shops. Oh the choice and a lovely way to break my fabric fast....again!!!

      4. Congratulations to the winners! Love the cushion!


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