Friday 12 February 2016

Oldest UFO finished!

This is the oldest quilt I have started and not finished!  

Well to be more accurate part of it is!

I started making the EPP rosestar blocks way back in March 2012, using the EPP tutorial by Clare aka selfsewn.   I made about fourteen and Lucy made one for me too!

Then I decided I could not make a whole quilt of them!  I just don't enjoy EPP enough and then there would be the boring bits inbetween too. It just wasn't going to happen.

So I started combining them with these blocks.    These are two of my favourites ...

When I added them to the background fabric I spaced them out more and added these - which I took from Jen Kingwell's Georgetown on my mind pattern.

And ended up with this huge top!  

It seems to have stayed at this stage for a long while.   I couldn't decide how to quilt it!

But now I am quilting in the ditch for the blocks and doing random FMQ in the background!

It is a huge and heavy quilt for me to quilt on my domestic machine so thank goodness for that Horn table I got last year!  It makes such a difference having my machine set in!

I have been doing a little bit of quilting everday for over a week now and I'm pleased to say.... is finished!  

I should have tidied up a bit!

and a panoramic slice across the quilt - playing with the things my camera can do...

Sigh!  I'm really quite pleased with this!  Not quite sure what to call it - working title was Vintage Circles - anybody think of something better?

I'll be linking this up to FAL2016 when the time comes!  

Finish-A-Long 2016

This one is on my FAL2016 list here


  1. Congratulations to this beautiful finish. What a great idea to combine the blocks. Love the colors in this quilt and the patterns, what wonderful quilt.

  2. Fabulous quilt .... what a clever idea to combine all those circles.

  3. that was a great idea to combine several so you could have a finish and nice that you took the time to quilt it yourself - a nice feeling isn't it.

  4. I love it! What a great way to combine circle blocks. (And inspirational, too. You've got my mind's gears spinning with circular ideas...)

  5. Congratulations Nicky! It is just fantastic! Wow! It's not the first time you put two different projects together and make winner quilt with them. You are a natural at this. Love it. To me, it looks like Stars and Planets or Heavenly Sky ... just planting seeds of inspiration for a name. Good luck! ;^)

  6. This is just stunning Nicky. You must be so happy to have now put it all together and have quilted it. No idea on a name I'm afraid!

  7. Wow so amazing! You have put the blocks together so perfectly.
    It looks huge!

  8. Crumbs, its ginormous! Awesome mrs! X

  9. A great job you did! It puts me in mind of a constellation of stars!

  10. Looks fabulous! What a wonderful way to finish those EPP blocks!

  11. It really is a beautiful quilt, it should have a grand name like Piccadilly Circus or Constellations, or something important and pretty sounding.

  12. Fabulous work, blocks, quilting, all !

  13. This is stunning - an amazing amount of work I'd imagine. A definite heirloom!

  14. A wonderful finish! I love how you combined different ideas, and ended up with such a visual delight!

  15. Wow, what a lot of work went into that! It looks fantastic. Massive well done to you

  16. It's stunning!!!! No idea about a name, sorry!

  17. Very nice! And a creative way to find a way to use the EPP blocks. I like the stars in between too. It looks really good.

  18. I love this. How about "Be Still" (as in Be Still my beating heart - because it is that lovely)


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