Wednesday 28 October 2015

Stingy Bee - how I love you and what you do!

I have become a lazy blogger but ever present on Instagram (IG: nickyeglinton) if you want to catch up with my photos and work in progress.

I have to say I love my bees - it sometimes takes a while to find a place where you feel comfortable but I think it is worth the effort.  Sometimes I have drifted through, loving the experience, and 'meeting' new people, but often because of circumstances it hasn't been a good fit.  

I was even crazy enough to enjoy five bees at once - I won't do that again! 

Too many bee blocks to make in a month, and send to all parts of the world.  Also too many quilts going at the same time!  

Don't laugh!  I know I'm making lots now but they are not for me to keep.

My quilts with Stingy Bee - or Bee a Brit Stingy (official title) - have been fabulous, each one!  

This was year one

Year two - my lovely Nordik quilt which I haven't quilted yet

And this is what year three looks like so far with one row to come

I am very excited about this one!


  1. These three are beautiful. I'm always on the look out for another bee as good as stitch tease!

  2. I love Bees. I've been in quite a few but have yet to finish my quilts

  3. Such lovely quilts. I took part in Bees when I lived in NZ but haven't done any since returning to the UK ..... this has made me think I need to find one/some somewhere!

  4. I love them all, but the plus quilt is my favourite!


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