Friday 30 October 2015

Siblings Together bee block for November

I am asking my lovely bee members to make this block

Which should make a quilt like this

The block is made from 4.5" squares, and finishes at 20" or 20.5" unfinished.

Any colour combination is fine but the central block should be dark and can be fussy cut (not obligatory). The rest of the layout can be seen in the above diagram.   

Alternately you can make this from 4.5" X 18" strips and cross cut the strips.

Cut 4.5" X 18" strips of each:

1 of cornerstone fabric A
2 of outer LV fabric B
2 of contrast fabric C
1 of inner LV fabric D

Plus one dark centre 4.5" square E

Stitch together :

One strip B and A
One strip B and C
One strip C and D

Press strips and crosscut at 4.5" intervals - you should have four units of each strip set.

Arrange as follows:

Stitch centre single row and then both double rows on either side.

Then stitch the central row to each side.

The block is complete and should measure 20.5" unfinished.

Now you could stop there, but I am hoping you will help me trial putting a quilt as you go quilt together.  In which case ....

Layer with a 22" piece of wadding and backing fabric (something Low Volume please) and baste.  

Stitch in the ditch (the seamline) in a grid pattern or any other pattern you prefer. 

Thank you


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