Wednesday 28 October 2015

Scrap quilts finished

Scraptastic Tuesday

I have been a bit shocked by my lack of productivity this last quarter so trying to make up for it I have been in a flurry of finishing this month

This sampler quilt started as a top gifted from a friend and I have quilted and bound it.

This quilt started as a medallion centre from the lovely Catherine - I added rows around it to make it a bit bigger then quilted and bound it. 

This quilt started as blocks and strips of fabric donated by Sally.  I had the pleasure of meeting her in real life at Stitch Gathering recently.

The fabric for this quilt came from the very generous Emma - the pattern from the Moda website.

This quilt was almost complete - I just added that little strip of lime green, the navy border and finished it

And this one was a series of blocks and pieces to make the blocks - both of these from the lovely Gayle Brindley.

So what were once scraps, as in orphan blocks and bits of fabrics are now made into six quilts for Siblings Together.  That has been a great start to my quarter four I think!


  1. Woohoo look at you go! Don't forget to add them to the ST group, I started a list for 2016 camps!

  2. Congratulations an all these beautiful and finished quilts. They are gorgeous.

  3. Very productive. Congratulations on these finishes. I'm sure they'll be well-loved.

  4. Seriously, you finished SIX quilts this month?! Woah.

  5. All gorgeous! I especially love the little stars on the navy background


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