Sunday 8 December 2013

No let up.....moving on!

You know I have so many projects started I am now working on two at the same time!

When mycelium came down from one design wall I put up a triangle project I started after seeing Annabella's glorious Field Study quilt!    

I have now stitched along my rows of big prints and gorgeous Oakshott and I have decided it needs to be bigger.   Fortunately I seem to have been drawn to quite a few large prints and have some to spare from other projects so no shortage of choice!   Just shortage of space on this piece of wadding.

Here it is so far!

I'm thinking it needs to be twice this size at least!   Fortunately the pieces are big and it stitches up quickly!

Now alongside this I am continuing with the hexalong revival.  Helen helped nudge me in the right direction and comments seemed favourable - all except one questioning one from Alison!  I was surprised - usually people say lovely things or don't say anything but Alison was brave enough to challenge the layout and use of white.  I have to say on reflection I knew it still wasn't cutting it for me and had decided to finish and pass it on.  

She was right my choice of white was wrong.   I have to say it wasn't Helen's idea either it was just fabric I had to hand and as Alison put it a safe choice.   I needed to think some more! 

Enter influence from the other quilt - the Oakshott triangles on my other design wall were quickly inserted around a few of the hexies and just like that I knew this was the better way forward!  

I think it still has lots of chaos like this first photo

but not the clinical look that it had with the white and regular layout!   

It looks like those Italian glass paperweights to me  - those millefiori from Murano!   And I love it!   Might also be because of the extra green.... who knows!

Thanks for the design help on this one from two lovely and helpful friends!   Still got a bit to go before I can call this one finished but I'll enjoy the process so much more now as I can really look forward to the end result.


  1. Both of these will be just brilliant when done : )

  2. It is looking beautiful, as is the triangle quilt.

  3. Another one? I didn't think you had any more! Love this one, AND where your hexi's are going too!

  4. I love those triangles and you're right: the hexies look much better with all that saturated colour surrounding them!

  5. I love your triangles. I've been meaning to make one since Annabella's too :)

  6. The hexies look so much better with the coloured triangles around. White didn't do it for me.

  7. OH MY GOODNESS it's amazing. I'm in love with the last photo. I love that you're in hexie overload - you do it so well :)

  8. Wow Nicky I love the fussy cut flowers!!! Your third choice is def best x

  9. Oh gosh, the final Hexie arrangement is wonderfully random, I couldn't make anything like that (which is why I was drawn yo the one with white triangles) but I can see this is more you, and that's the best reason for a design choice!!!!


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