Thursday 5 December 2013

Hexalong revived

I joined Lynne's Hexalong whenever that was!

But as I had two other hexy projects I gave up on the new one and finished the old ones!  Yes there is a theme going on here....

So now that the new one has become an old one and is on my UFO list I have decided to tackle it again!

I went off it but thanks to my lovely helper Helen I can see a way forward with it.

So this is what it used to look like 

And this is what it looks like now

This layout gives the hexies more room to also helps them to gel together.

This is one of the latest additions - Helen tells me it's a Texas stars!

There should be more coming soon.  


  1. They look wonderful - so much better with some space around them and I love how you've changed the fussy cut flower blocks. (They're not Texas Stars, though - these are ;o) According to my 5500 blocks book your 'Sheriff badge' hexies are called 'diamond and arrow points' or 'favourite'...hmmm, not the best names in the world - can we rename them?!)

    You're definitely on a UFO-zapping roll and I can't wait to see how this project turns out and what you tackle next!

  2. great plan! Love the new layout and that pansy is gorgeous!

  3. Yup, spread them out. Let's me see them individually too. I like that.

  4. I love hexies with and without the triangles but in this case, wow , they look awesome with the triangles! I've got. 40 or so ready, but need more. They are all Oz themed fabrics from two years ago, luckily mum is going back to brother 's for Christmas so I should get the next charm pack about February!

  5. That Helen is a clever 'un. It looks great spaced out. Well done on zapping another UFO. Di x

  6. I really like them spaced out, shows them off and love the hidden stars.


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