Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Moving on again!

Someone suggested I should work on another quilt I started this year as I wait for some Oakshott to arrive to complete the other two I've been working on.

So like the obedient person I am (not) I started by checking out how much I had to do to finish the quilt top in question.

I then found myself cutting out some background hexies to fill in the gaps between my hexy balls and then irresistibly pieced those balls together.

Next I got ready for the next phase - I cut the half hexies to straighten up the edges so I can add more background fabric.  And I pieced them all in too. 

Guess there wasn't too much work to do after all!  

She was right again!

Think I'm beginning to like this one now all that fiddly boring bit has been done!

My hexy balls are made from some Kona honeycomb precuts and some of my hoarded stash of Blueberry Park fabrics - hand screen printed by my lovely friend Karen!

In case you are interested she is running a limited edition fabric club next year - fabric every two months in different colours and prints - go on, you know you want to!  I did!


  1. Oh that someone is a good influence! Love how this has turned out xxx

  2. 'Someone' is good that way ;o) The club sounds tempting, we'll see how good santa is...

  3. Glad that someone is not cracking her whip my way! Shhh, don't tell her to either! Looks fab, now it just needs quilting, I'm sure you've got a plan and have it done by now!

  4. This us lovely. Looks like you have a personal quilt trainer keeping you at it.

  5. I joined that fabric club too, I love her fabrics. I like your quilt too.

  6. That's lovely! Simply Solids doesn't seem to be doing the Kona precuts any more, shame as I want some more xx

  7. I love this project and am glad you took the not-so-subtle hint and got them back out again! I bet it's grown again since you took this photo!

    P.S. Maybe I need to divert some attention to Trudi...

  8. STOP IT! This is just absolutely beautiful. Beautiful.

    Oh, I couldn't hold back either...joined nearly immediately.


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