Monday, 14 October 2013

Stamping It Up again!

I met the lovely Amy on Sunday and we did a little side swap during the London Modern Quilt Guild.   It was a cosy meeting of seven of us but it was on a different Sunday than usual and filthy weather to boot.

I gave Amy a wonky block for her wonky village - she wanted a tree or house and as I couldn't decide which I made this...

- a tree house!  Sorry awful photo - must have moved a bit!

Now why would I do a thing like that?   Because she is lovely of course but also because I was after a bit of this

Amy's gorgeous pencil fabric - she used it in the Stamp It Up Swap to make an awesome pencil case.  Eek !  Very excited about this and will need to think what I will make with this print!  I might have to look at it and stroke it for a bit first!

And then I showed her my latest stamped make - a wee stamped stocking.

A close up of Rudi!

Couldn't help myself - I just had to add an embroidered red nose!

This little make is only about 3" wide by 6.75" long - small enough to fit on a tree I hope!


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