Thursday 10 October 2013

Fussy cutting....

I am not that much of a fussy cutter but when I caught sight of all those economy squares buzzing round the blogging world I thought they looked cute!

Then I came across Amanda's Fussy Square Block Swap and I was in before I knew it....

We are swapping 12 or groups of 12 fussy cut economy blocks (square in a square) and here are mine.  

A matroyshka or two, cute dashunds, tiny soldiers and musical animals and some nursery rhyme characters!  Almost any little critter seems to work!

They are only 4" finished, foundation pieced but such fun to make.

I was thinking of making a cushion but who knows where this will end!???   These ones are off to the US - that is if anyone seems to like them.  If not then I have my cushion I think! 


  1. These are great! What a fun swap!

  2. they look great ... dont you just love a swap xx

  3. These are lovely. I did wonder the other day why everyone in my flickr stream seemed to be making economy blocks!

  4. They're super cute! Great for a swap too. Can't wait to see what you get in return!

  5. Can not wait which one will arrive at my door! Well done. Need to get this done too

  6. I love making economy blocks and yours are fab. I think that you are becoming the Swap Queen! Di x

  7. love your combinations of fabrics to highlight the fussy cutting!
    love your plus top too. I like your ideas for the quilting.
    you go girl!

  8. They look fantastic! I am so happy with this swap :) Thanks for joining in on the fun.

  9. These blocks are too cute. I can see why these have caught on!

  10. They are fun and look cute! What are you going to do with your lot?


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