Wednesday 16 October 2013

Comfortable with curves...?

Last week I spent a great day out on a workshop with Carolyn Forster!

Comfortable with curves was the name of the workshop and the aim of the day was to be able to piece curved blocks with fewer pins.   

First of all we got to look at some quilts Carolyn had made using the block we were to make  - this is always a good bit in Carolyn's classes (not that there are any bad bits I hasten to add)....

This one in thirties repro prints

A brown one with an interesting border

Same block a different layout

She also showed us some real vintage cutter quilts and blocks and her versions of them - a scrappy one which I adore!

And Carolyn's version - gorgeous!

These different looking blocks are all made with the same templates - the last two are a scrappy version with only one quarter circle pieced in - a very thirties style sun block

And yet another version using more of an elipse shape rather than the quarter circle.   Carolyn's version on the left and a vintage scrappy quilt on the right.

Carolyn then showed us how to cut out and piece our blocks and we got on with it...

I had a few problems with my choice of fabrics - crazy I know - what could go wrong with Oakshott and Liberty?  But as I was only wanting to make a cushion and go random it just wasn't working with this layout.  Not enough blocks to be random...

So at Carolyn's suggestion I went with this one....

And I have started doing something else....

I do really like this and have done a bit more since the class - want to see?


  1. Looks like you do not have enough UFOs. You want some more? so come on and show what you have done ... in the meantime I do my fussy blocks :P

  2. You have great curves! And your blocks aren't bad either! Jxo

  3. oh curves - always a stumbling block for me! Love the Liberty/Oakshott combination.

  4. Gosh....these are gorgeous quilts! Have fun with yours!

  5. Yummy, definitely my kind of thing.

  6. Another quilt top started then? It will be beautiful but I thought you were under strict orders to not start anything new.

  7. Fabulous Nicky - so pleased to see what you have done with the Liberty prints - they look so great together. Also very interesting to see all those gorgeous quilts.

  8. Have you ever made just the planned quantity of blocks and then stopped???? Lol, some great fabric choices there

  9. Wow! I love your cushion cover. Sounds like a great class.

  10. That vintage scrappy one is beautiful!
    You do not need another quilt, honestly!

  11. Looks like so much fun! Hope that's just another cushion coming there... ;o)

  12. You're right, you can't go wrong with Oakshotts and Liberty! I am still a bit scared of curves but one day (when I have a month to spare) I shall bite the bullet and master them!

  13. Sounds like a fun class. Love your curves!

  14. what gorgeous quilts, have always wanted to try the curved piecing.... one day....
    love Carolyn's suggestion for your piecing, looks great.
    Of course I want to see more....

  15. That scrappy vintage cutter quilt is so beautiful! As are your blocks :)


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