Saturday 22 September 2012

Too lazy for words!

I have been such a lazy blogger since the summer break and have been slow to get back into the flow of things.  I apologise!  Though if you are as far behind as I am in reading blogs then you may be quite glad that I have been quiet!

Anyway by way of a bit of a catch up I have a few things to show you...

First and foremost is a fabulous gift from my lovely friend Susan (she is just one of the loveliest people out there but don't tell her it may go to her head)

Isn't it gorgeous - not for nothing have I been telling her how lovely her Drunkard's Path blocks and stitching are - so here I have my own mini - I love it!  And it's not even my birthday!  

Thank you SO MUCH Susan and I am sorry for being so tardy in showing it off but I have to say I was just enjoying looking at it, keeping it all to myself!  

Next did you join in the Japanese charm swap orchestrated by Sarah and Helen?

I did to my cost - what with everyone flaunting gorgeous fabric I succumbed not once but twice!  Here are my charms all nicely cut and I hear they have safely arrived in Shetland.  I am so pleased to get full use of my stamp sending those charms all the way up the UK and across the North Sea.

I have a soft spot for Red Riding Hood ever since my youngest had the leading role in year 6 in a production of Le petit chaperon rouge - yes all in French!  Fortunately several years before I had made her a costume so no further sewing was required on that occasion!

And Susan and Lucy encouraged me to pick the Paris print at the Festival of Quilts!  I love that it says 'je flane dans la ville de Paris! ' Nothing to do with quiche but all to do with mooching, wasting time, strolling, all that sort of stuff! Yes I would if I could especially in Paris! 

Anyway while looking for fabrics to swap - I don't know how it happened - but other Japanese fabrics floated into my basket!  

cutey animals....

sewing, labels and Paris!

Robots and cars

Then a new discussion thread came up on the Flickr site asking for details of our fabrics so I had to go back to the websites to look for information and guess what happened ....?  More fabrics sneaked into my basket!  It was just too awful to leave it there on the shelf when it can come and be loved by meeeeeee!

More animals....who could resist a cycling bear?

Transport - love those bubble cars! and more Paris!

Fairytales, robots, Paris and cats - Top Cat comes to mind and ChooChoo!

I have become a Japanese Fabric junkie!  Does anyone know of a cure?  

I seem to be going with buy as much as you can and when you have it all you will be fine....

Not sure that is viable longterm - we may be eating raw carrots till Christmas....oops!


  1. I think it was a side effect that may pass when we have received our charms back! lets hope Sarah doesn't decide to hold onto them like you suggested! Lovely mini from Mrs S, she's a clever lady!

  2. My head, it is swelling! I am glad you like the wee mini and it was just asking to go live with you. I cannot believe how much fabric you have been buying though!!!

  3. hahahahaha! that is some serious stashing! And the mini is gorgeous - what a lucky lady you are!

  4. Oh, you've obviously caught a virulent strain of Japanese-itis, good job you're not in charge of handing back the parcels!! They're all fabulous, have fun!!

  5. Forgot to say how wonderful the mini is!!!

  6. OMFG Nicky!!! What on earth are you going to be like when you receive your charm pack and realise that you only have a wee 5" square of the most gorgeous fabric ever (50 odd times...) I dread to think.... Actually.... Come to think of it.... You're making me feel really restrained and well behaved!! (no comments about how much it takes to do that...)
    Love Suses mini too, isnt she clever? Beeeautiful.

  7. Beautiful wee mini from Susan. I hope that you have hung it on the wall for all to see! I think that you are a fabric junkie. Di x

  8. Lovely mini - Susan is ace. Oh and are you going to turn some of that Japanese fabric into a framed purse or three or just stroke it?

  9. But raw carrots are so good for you I am sure! And you will end up with a very fashionable orange complexion ...

    Love the fabrics, and the Drunkards Path!

    Pomona x

  10. Lovely fabrics, indeed very tempting. There are lots of recipes with carrots! Also love the mini drunkards path.

  11. You're getting as bad as Trudi, we're going to have to cut you off soon ;o)

  12. You are just being greedy! In a good and very non fattening way- and I am justr having a bit of green eye. So many of those nearly made it my way, but I am supposed to be stash busting not stash building! Aren't they gorgeous though, drool....

  13. Wow what a sneaky set of fabrics! Looks like they were all falling from the shelves into your trolley (never mind the small basket!) What shop did you get them from? =D

  14. Wonderful mini and lots of fab fabrics! Your going to have some wonderful makes coming up :)

  15. what torture you having to receive all those lovely fabrics. How will you bear it? I suppose you had to buy them for the swap after all?
    love the mini drunkards path, the quilting looks fantastic.
    Now what craftiness have you been up to in your absence.....

  16. Ooooh, that is a serious Japanese addiction! I got some extras too, (but not quite so many!) but if you want a little extra swap of a dozen or so charm squares I'm up for it!

  17. PS I've got to pending less time on blogs, so hope you don't mind, but I will sometimes [google Plus] a post rather than comment. You'll know I've been, but am too rushed to message you, sorry, and I still love you! Obviously I'm very happy if you do the same!

  18. It's an explosion of goodies! Yum! Yum! Yum!

    Susan, you rock. That is one amazing mini!

  19. LOL! You're getting as bad as Trudi! Susan is a complete gem! Jxo

  20. LOL what a shopaholic. Just about as bad as me :)
    Great fabric choices.
    And that Susan is such a legend.


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