Friday 14 September 2012

Bee a Brit Stingy!

Did you know that Helen is an enabler?  She is - it's true!

I chatted to her after the Fat Quarterly Retreat and said how envious I was of the Brit bee love-in that happened there!  I wasn't the only one. . .I think they have sparked off at least two other Brit Bees that I know of!  Well done them!  

I then got carried away by making purses and got side tracked and enabled into hosting the In the Frame Purse Swap with the lovely Helen again!

Anyway she has been listening to others with the same thought and brought Sheila and I together to host another Brit Bee!   As we are a scrappy stash bee Sheila hit upon the idea of naming it Bee a Brit Stingy!  Well our common Scottish roots must be celebrated somewhere!

Helen created our button - not just an enabler you see she is a bit of a techno whizz - well she is whizzier than me and loves to experiment - just ask her about google docs!

Bee a Brit stingy

So here is the list of lovely participants - some with experience of bees and some in a bee for the first time!

Miss January - Lucy @
Miss February - Emily @
Miss March - Jan @
Miss April - Di @
Miss May - Catherine @
Miss June - Colette @
Miss July - Sheila @
Miss August - Me 
Miss September - Karen @
Miss October - Erin @
Miss November - Charlotte @
Miss December - Janet @ - Janet hasn't got a blog yet but you might know her as jintymaginty on Flickr!

We shall no doubt share our progress in the coming months but we are starting things slowly with a friendly little secret swap of a pincushion!  The Bee starts in earnest in January 2013!

Looking forward to the fun beginning!  Right now what pincushion shall I make....?

And if you are wondering where Helen is?  - she is virtually in Shetland at the mo' helping Sarah with the Japanese charm swap - she is enabling all over the place...just watch out or she will be enabling you too!   


  1. Good luck! The FQ retreat sparked a lot of new ventures!

  2. *blushing and chuckling* (And I've just read Sheila's post so I'm blushing on top of blushing!) I can't wait for this bee to start - a warm-up swap is such a good idea!!

    P.S. Enabler? Yup but only if it's in your best interest ;o)
    P.P.S. Techno whizz? Not so much, just a need to know how things work and bl**dy stubborn!

  3. Oh so that's what it's all about! I'm sorry we caused so much bee envy, but pleased its brought so many more quilters together :)

  4. wahoooo!!! I didn't realise we were talking about it :-D

  5. I'm sure we will develop into a wonderful bunch of stingy Bs........

  6. I'm so excited about this!!! Just blogged about it myself. I don't know how I've managed to keep this to myself so far!

  7. Wow what an amazing Bee line up!
    Who do I pay to get on the reserves list ;0)
    You guys are going to make some amazing quilts.

  8. This is going to be so much fun. I can't wait to start. Di x

  9. Oh, have fun, I shall enjoy seeing what comes up!

  10. Fab group of talented ladies there! Have loads of fun! Jxo

  11. That Helen, she'll totally lead you astray ;o) I'm sure you'll be wonderfully stingy together!

  12. Super! I am really excited to watch this move along!

  13. Oh I have been so bad. Haven't put up anything about the bee. Love the button though! Looking forward to it kicking off too.

  14. already made 3 pincushions but not overly happy with any...maybe it'll be 4th time lucky...or Erin can just have the whole lot...does quantity over-ride quality?? thought not...


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