Sunday 9 September 2012

It's not all bad news!

I may have been blaming a four legged furry friend for my lack of sewing activity!  Guilty as charged!

Part of the reason for agreeing to get a puppy was to help wean the kids of those screens and get them outside in the fresh air.  Not sure that has worked so well as they seem to want to play with Maddie inside the house rather than in our garden....strong persuasion may have been necessary!

So who has been doing the dog walking do I hear you ask?   Well now the kids are at school it seems to be me....but I have to say it has not all been bad news on that front....

When out in the English countryside who can resist?   Specially on a glorious Autumn morning with incredibly long shadows  (the only way I get to be giant sized) and fabulous light!  

Even little pups get to be bigger

I can do a cute pose!

What another photo?

At last let's get on!

Sewing is back on the schedule and will be posted soon!  In the meantime I seem to have joined another swap - that exciting swap going on soon !  Did you get in there?  Joining in has already concluded but you can sign up for the waiting list...

Here is my inspiration mosaic which is now posted on Flickr and means I am nearer hopefully to getting into the awesomeness of Mouthy Stitches 2!  Are we nearly there yet??

Hope some poor person finds some inspiration from this little lot!  I seem to have been affected by the 'low volume' crowd on the internet but still cannot cope without a shot of strong colour somewhere!  

Have I ever told you I love Orla Keily stuff - you can see her influence by my choice of leaves.  

Loving the FMQ in number 1 but also the cotton perle hand stitching elsewhere!  

I would happily make all of these or receive all of these in a tote bag.  Seriously - we only get one!? Sigh!

How are you getting on with your finishalong projects, courtesy of the fabulous Rhonda?  I am hoping I might just squeeze ONE of my three projects through by the deadline which is the end of September for Quarter three!  I am now targeting it twice thanks to May and her Lazy Bums!  More on that next week....

And I have finished the Wedding quilt top and the backing fabric has been chosen though I must go and buy it next week!

These strip pieced squares take quite a bit of stitching I have to say!  And this pattern, called Fractured Quilt, taken from the Quiting Modern book by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen needed a bit more care than my usual strip piecing as the lines were to almost match up but not quite!

I have been a lazy blogger this past month - I will try and do better!  Though as you may see I am still going to be busy!


  1. love your mosaic, and of course the puppy! I am v envious of your walking locations. I am stuck with the park, which is annoyingly full of small children that run away screaming. Sigh.

  2. Oh Maddiecis gorgeous, if time consuming. And yay to MS3!!

  3. Your life is looking very nice intue sun, in the country, with a puppy...who needs quilts too?

  4. That puppy is just darling! I'm sure you are enjoying her very much!

    Love your new quilt!
    I'm constantly amazed at how many things you accomplish.
    Enjoy your new swap! You have some lovely things on your mosaic.

  5. Almost but not quite matching sounds like fun!!Not, great looking quilt tho.

    Good mosaic too, must go and make mine....

  6. Love that baby doggie!! And your strip know I would love that one!!

  7. dog walking in the sunshine looks lovely. Don't envy you the dark rainy days though! That is why we have a cat and I never caved in when begged for a puppy. Di x

  8. Have fun with the pup and MS2 :o)

  9. What a lot of loveliness in your mosaic and I can see that there is plenty of info to go at. I love the feathers, the honey bee block, the trees, the crochet, well all of them really. I like the shadows that stretch me out and make me look slim.

  10. Great mosaic N! And your wedding quilt will make a superb quilt! At least pup will keep you fit! Jxo

  11. No I totally missed the sign ups epically! Your mosaic is gorgeous!! I'm sure your partner can gather inspiration from that...or just stalk your blog.
    The quilt top looks good! =D

  12. Maddie looks so sweet! And your mosaic is lovely - a great combination of low volume and colour :)

  13. Mosaic is fab - I meant to add those feathers too - darn it. I could have really done a huge mosaic because I like so much :-)

    Quilt top looks great too!

  14. The quilt top looks fab, I didn't realise there was an art to not matching seams, maybe I have a style after all, lol, have fun with the mouthy stitchers!

  15. That pup just couldn't get any cuter and I think he may know that! Your quilt is marvelous! It is so you Nicky! I love Orla Keily too! And I agree with you and the punch of color!

  16. Can I borrow pup? Please? I just really want a puppy.... lol Stoppit Nicky!

  17. Maddie gets cuter with every photo! Your fractured quilt looks fabulous - is your friend happy with it?
    P.S. Love the mosaic!!!

  18. what a cute little doggy! and the quilt is fab, totally stunning. mouthy stitches sounds like a blast :D

    1. Hi Nicky,
      thanks for the cuppa, chat and sharing your beautiful work with me. Oh, and a pleasure to meet Maddie too. All the sewing we could do without the distraction of babies And puppies!! but we'd never be without them hey. see you soon I hope!


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