Tuesday 1 September 2015

Nordik ! The finished top!

Last year I set my lovely stingy bee members the task of creating or finding blocks with a Nordik theme!   I gave them some inspiration on my Pinterest board and made a few blocks as examples.

I have to say there seemed to be a bit of fear at first from some but they really excelled themselves and came up with the most gorgeous blocks.   They exceeded every thought I had about this quilt.

Here are Catherine's, Di's, Charlotte's and Lucy's blocks (top left and clockwise)

And here are Janet's, Helen's, Sheila's and Karen's blocks (top left and clockwise)

Collette's blocks....

The variety is truly amazing!

And of course I kept on making blocks...I couldn't help myself.

When all the blocks were in I started putting them together - it seemed easy enough at first....but then I didn't really like where I'd ended up 

and put it away till I could see clearly where I should be going with it.

And that happened this August!

I did unpiece some bits .....Helen's block got a bit more space around it.  

And soon the central block came together...

I still had lots of blocks left...

I thought I would use them as borders and cornerstones.

After a brief misguided flirtation with Aqua framed corner stones it all began to come together. I knew where I was going and had the pleasure of adding a few new blocks to my border and one new corner.

And this is how it looks now!

So pleased with this quilt - I cannot tell you just how I love it !   And all thanks to my fabulous beemates who made it possible ...Sheila, Catherine, Emily, Charlotte, Di, Janet, Helen, Lucy, Collette, Karen!  


  1. Nicky, it is just completely gorgeous!! Congratulations!!

  2. Stunning!!! I loved seeing the individual blocks again and you've created a Nordic masterpiece! Beautifully put together Nicky!

  3. What a beautiful sampler, Nicky. Thanks for showing steps along the way. It's very inspiring to see how people work through construction and layout issues.

  4. That is just such a wonderful quilt - you must be truly happy with how it has all turned out.

  5. it's gorgeous! So glad to have contributed :-D

  6. wow, you are so creative..I always love what you make !

  7. It's beautiful Nicky and really benefits from your considered assembly. Chuffed to have been a small part of it.x

  8. wow, so wonderful!!
    well done Nicky

  9. Congratulations, this looks just beautiful.
    Lovely color combinations, goes so fantastic with the pattern.

  10. It is what they all said, fantastic! You are so good at making these sampler style quilts just shine - this one is full of interest, each block is a star and the layout is fun and fresh. I so want a quilt like this too.

  11. Wonderful top! Blocks are so different, but they match together very well!

  12. Missed this! So glad I found it here. It's so pretty Nicky, I really envy you this one but it couldn't belong to someone who deserves it more. Have fun quilting it. I'm just going to stare at it now until the next baby feed!

  13. this quilt is so gorgeous. You sparked a brilliant idea and your bee mates really pulled it off

  14. this is gorgeous / love the colors and style !

  15. Wow!!!

    P.S. Yes, I'm glad you got rid of the aqua corners..!

  16. This is just fabulous! The colors are perfect and I love all of the different blocks! Great work!

  17. Beautiful work Nicky! Such an inspiration!

  18. Beautiful work Nicky! Such an inspiration!


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