Wednesday, 24 April 2013


In the post on Tuesday was a gorgeous bundle from my friend May!  May loves to organise things and so having 'met' her in the Scrappy? Sew Bee It! bee she organised me into the Star of Africa bee and Lazy Bums (a support group for quilters with an addiction for starting new projects - made for me that one !)  

And now she is well into organising her Europe only Text Charm Swap - and yes I'm in that one too!  ( sorry think you are too late to do anything but watch and drool with the swap).

Moomin Mama below comes to me as my block for the Star of Africa bee.  Although May lives in Germany she has her roots in Finland - the home of Tove Jansson and the Moomintrolls!   I loved those stories!   So when I  picked children's books or fairystories, myths or legends as my theme in the Star of Africa bee May knew what she had to make for me.

Check out her apron, her handbag and her wee tail!

In the Mouthy Stitches 2 Swap May made me this uber-cute tote with Moomin and Little My.  When she was making it I had no idea she was making for me so I made her a bit nervous with my lack of comments but I think she knows I love my tote - but just in case - I LOVE my tote!

I am really pleased that Moomin is re-united with his mama!  

She also snuck in some goodies of the fabric kind - including more Moomin magic and some chocolate - but disaster struck here as those choccies seem to have mysteriously disappeared!  I'm not blaming Moomin Mama but some guilty party ate those up quickly!

Being Queen Bee this month in Scrappy? Sew Bee it I am also lucky enough to get these gorgeous charmers!  They are so pretty and if there wasn't another project up on the design wall at this minute I'd show you how well they fit in my charming quilt!

May is on some travels at the moment - she may even be in a spot near you?! If she is be sure to thank her for these beauties!

If she turns up in Sussex then I'll do that myself!  She is coming to FQ Retreat in London in July so no doubt I will meet her then!   I'm half expecting her to turn up in Viking helmet but she had better bring her Stargazer quilt with her.     

What project is up on my design wall?  Aha you just need to wait a little while and I'll show you but I'm pleased to say it is coming together easier than those flipping baskets!


  1. What a fabulous package! And May is a long way from Sussex, so you may have to wait until July to meet her.

  2. Fab block and post from May. Di x

  3. The tote is fabulous and the block as well! So gorgeous

  4. Great block, May did a fabulous job on that tote too! An abundance of Moomin loveliness :)

  5. I remember the Moomins as a child! When children's tv was sweet and innocent! Jxo

  6. Moomin Mama is Gorgeous. I have almost finished my guest block for you for this bee. Did you wnat me to post it or bring it to London?

  7. I love the Moomins and May's block is terrific - this quilt is going to be wonderful!
    P.S. Obviously I love your Charmer blocks, too!

  8. Lovely stuff - you are going to have a fab quilt. BTW, haven't forgotten about your block but still pondering!

  9. Only five more sleeps and we'll meet :-) Thanks for this post; I'm overwhelmed *blushing*. I love making Moomins and I know they will have a good home with you!


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