Tuesday 8 January 2013

Star struck!

I did make the London Modern Quilters Guild on Sunday!

We swapped pincushions 

I swapped this one 

For this one from Kelly aka Chunky09

It is very cute - thanks Kelly!

There were quilts to look at, chat about quilts, fabric to discuss and lunch!   I then followed Danielle to John Lewis' and bought some gorgeous yarn in the sale

Baby alpaca and mulberry silk mix from Debbie Bliss - the colour just begged to come home with me but no plans as yet what it will become except perhaps something fairisle?

I had to run for the train home and I plonked myself down in one of the few spare seats on the train opposite this lovely lady 

I nearly told her she looked like the long suffering wife of New Tricks detective Brian Lane who has an obsessive-compulsive disorder that can lead to startling episodes like thinking his wife is a spy!   Well she would look like herself wouldn't she, but I was only confirmed in that when I looked to the side and saw I was sitting next to her husband 

I didn't say anything about them being who they were - in fact I hardly talked to them at all - so unlike my normal state.  But I was stitching some Rosestars and Susan Jameson did say that was a good idea to do something useful ... and I do believe she is right!

I am not star struck (title)  about this episode though!

But I am about this....star scrap

which means....a little galaxy of star quarter blocks to mix and match 

One UFO on the go...


  1. Looks like you had a terrific time on Saturday from beginning to end. Yay! I was in a John Lewis on Saturday too, and none of the yarn I looked at on sale resembled what you found. Not fair!

  2. I'm sitting here thousands of miles away watching "New Tricks" while reading this post!!! I would have been star struck too! I've only just put down my EPP too! Snap!

  3. Cool! I once shared space with Cilla Black in a tiny jewellery store, I was so respectful I didnt say a bean, kick myself all the time!!
    Love that you were sewing rosestars too!!!

  4. Lovely pincushions and the yarn is beautiful! Look at you chatting with celebs! :)

  5. Love your yarn! *sigh* I wish there was a John Lewis on Teesside! And how fabulous to be sharing a train table with Esther and Jack - I once saw Wycliffe in a hotel in Leeds, he looked quite harassed! Oh, and I saw Katy Monkey at the Harrogate Quilt show and was too shy to talk to her, divvy that I am!
    I love the pin cushion from Kelly and can't wait to see more of those stars - good luck with it all!

  6. You get much posher travellers on your trains than wot we get! Now, you've no time to blog, you have stars to sew...

  7. Ohhhh....Nicky! Rubbing elbows with the rich and famous! Love your pincushions!

  8. Hehehe, good thing you didn't say who she looked like. He's probably been in lotsa things, but I think of him as Grandpa from grandpa in my pocket!

  9. What a fabulous day you had! Lovely Pinnie too!

  10. A very apt title for UK Star Gazing night tonight! Jxo

  11. New John Lewis in Exeter - rubbish! Don't waste your money on a visit there you will be most disappointed. Otherwise I love JL.

    Stuck for words SS, not like you. I know you were on your best behaviour. Great pincushions.

  12. sounds like a great day! (I take it daughter settled in OK,, you *did* remember to help her I hope!!!!)

  13. You, quiet? You were Starstruck. What an eventful day out! Di x

  14. Great swaps and fun journey. I am none the wiser about her, but recognise him enough to have been suitably underwhelmed!

  15. What gorgeous yarns, love those colours!

  16. love the pin cushions and mmmm a new fad wool. now I know who can badger when I drop a stitch.


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