Monday 21 January 2013

I've just...

signed up to a swap!  What another one!?   I keep saying I will stay away from swaps as it can eat up your time stalking and all that but this is a quick and simple one (er ....I hope)!  I did join in the first round, missed the second (too busy) and am joining in round three...

Here are the deets in case you want to join in...Modern Scrappy Bits Swap! Round 3

Sign up for Round three here! You will have until March 8th to mail your scrappy swap package out. If you complete your projects sooner, please do not mail before the third week of February. This way there will be some element of expectation for everyone that is receiving.
The swap is pretty easy going. You can make one of the following handmade items:

Fabric Baskets
Small Pouches

Please send a minimum of one fat quarter's worth of scraps to your partner. (when laid out end to end and side to side) You can always send more if you like. 

Last time I made this

And received this

Lucky ol' me!


  1. You are a swap addict. Buy you make beautiful things and you receive equally gorgeous items so have fun and I can't see what you make.

  2. I'm off swaps (well except for Mouthy Stitches as that is like family ;-)) but this does look fun. Have fun and I look forward to seeing what you make after all your stalking!

  3. The words 'glutton' and 'punishment' spring to mind! Jxo

  4. You're going to have a great time!

  5. I just love your enthusiasm. Go for it! Di x

  6. There is nothing as fun as a good swap.

  7. love your little purse and the zipper purse your received is gorgeous too. Loving the hexies (of course).

  8. Looks like a fun swap. Wish I could join- but my OH says, no! Hmm. I will still think about it though- but he is probably right... Life is too hectic already. Mutter mutter...
    I remember you making that purse, and the little pouch that came back also looks fun.

  9. Both little pouches are such treasures ; )


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