Sunday, 26 August 2012

Made on Puppywatch!

I am changing my lifestyle somewhat all because of this!

So now when I am on puppywatch I need to sew something that I can do by hand but cannot work on this....

Can you imagine what Maddie would do with her chewy teeth if I left a corner of this hanging over the edge of the sofa?

No you are right it doesn't bear thinking about!

So here I am back making these.....

which is a good thing!  And thanks to Lucy for the reminder, but she is way ahead of me on number 17, or so!

The latest one is the big one - one more finished since this photo and five more started.....hey it's progress!

Now the other news is I left a comment coveting a bit of stitchery and suggesting it could adorn a teddy tummy on a lovely and talented young lady's blog and look what appeared in the post ....

My very own Boris Ted!  Isn't he adorable?   Yes, yes he is!  Thank you so much Emily!

Breaking puppy news - Maddie came into town with us recently, met lots of people, and a few dogs and was very well behaved.  She was much loved by lots of ladies and children in particular and a young man.  We were so proud Clarissa and I.  Doesn't really make for easy shopping however but it is a WIP.

Breaking other news - My eldest passed her A levels and has got a place on a course studying Philosophy in London.  We are very pleased and I now have a great excuse to visit London - even if she doesn't want to see me every weekend....hehe!


  1. lovely pic of your well behaved social puppy!
    lovely to see those roses again, they are gorgeous as is your new teddy! so cute.
    Well done to daughter no 1.

  2. Aw, Boris is absolutely gorgeous.
    Well done to your daughter.
    Not sure that that cute little scamp is going to let you all the way to London for the day though ;0) imagine what he could chew in that time!

  3. I keep thinking I should get my rose stars out. That's a great idea. Maddie looks adorable as always!

  4. Welll done to your daughter on her A level success: they are such hard work! (exams, not daughters!!)

  5. Congrats to your daughter, that is a hard course to get into so she has done really well. Take cake, then she will want to see you. That puppy is so sweet and I'm sure that she wouldn't chew your sewing! Di x

  6. Maddie is so sweet, I'm glad she's well behaved when in town! Love the RS blocks and the 'Boris on my tummy' ted - Emily's a complete sweetheart!

  7. Congrats to the eldest, and to Maddie for behaving well. Cute wee ted!

  8. Your life is changed more than when you had a baby with the arrival of Maddie. Good thing you are so excellent and proficient at hand sewing!

  9. Congratulations to your daughter. Puppies are lovely, but indeed worse than a baby. Your blocks look lovely, as does the teddy.

  10. Hahaha looks like a very good life change. Poor you having to do more EPP work than quilting. Congratulations to your daughter!! =D

  11. Goodness, keep Boris away from Maddie ;-)
    Seriously though, they are 'supposed' to grow out of it (tell that to my now half a door mat!)

  12. Hi Nicky....congratulations to your daughter for the A levels.

    Our son got 3 A's and is off to Southampton to study Geology, other son is off to BIMM in Brighton to study Music and other son is taking Hospitality and catering! PHEW!!! Busy taxi service this year methinks!

    Lovely to see you back on the paper piecing....they look complex and lovely.

    Hope to see you soon x

  13. Well done daughter :-) And YAY MADDIE! Well behaved wee pup is good to hear.
    Love the teddy with the beautiful belly, and that zippy rocks too.

  14. Awesome! Great PP, an adorable bear, a well behaved pup and a smarty pants of a child. What a great post!

  15. It all sounds brilliant.

    And, just because you have an excuse doesn't mean you actualy have to do what you are excusing yourself with!

  16. As my son is living in London- I may have to make the odd visit too...

  17. love that EPP and good girl Maddie - cute stitchery on ted too !

  18. oh and congratulations to your eldest too - what fun to be studying in London :)


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