Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Siblings Together Twins

As I had Mixed Bag left over from the first Siblings Together quilt as posted chez Lynne on Lily's Quilts

I got cutting at the weekend and started making Mark II!

Even quicker once you've done it before of course, even without a marvellous group of friends from Siblings Together Bee to assist!

I had some Oakshott I picked up from a sale at least a year ago, and as I hadn't any plans for it, I thought it would fit nicely with the bright colours and the orange border that went round this version of the quilt!

I bound it in a Kona red solid for a bit of contrast.

And another quick quilt for Siblings Together and an FQR handover.

Now just got my classes to prepare for and my sample swaps to get ready...ok that is still quite a lot!  I'm sure I can do it though...(fingers crossed).

Two quilts for Siblings Together and who knows if I find another free weekend...


  1. That is awesome, well done, you should have just sent us more ready cut fabric and we could have made blocks for quilt 2!

  2. Wow! I love the way they are both similar but individual at the same time. I do hope they can both go to the same family.

  3. That is so cool - what a nice person you are making a twin. Fab job, N.

  4. Oh you are lovely. Don't think I didn't notice you sneaking in something new under theguiseof charitable donation ;-). Just kidding, of course. These are lovely colours for kids quilts.

  5. They're fabulous and you're right, the border colour really does change how the quilts look!

    P.S. I think Sarah has you pegged!

  6. Can't believe how quickly you got th done!

    Now then Sarah and Helen. She's been a good girl, so this is totally allowed ;0)

  7. Two fabulous quilts Nicky - well done! I've got to do prep for class too........might be this weekends job!!!


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