Monday, 28 July 2014

Queen bee for August

I'm Queen bee for my lovely Stingy Bee Mates in August!

I am so excited - I have been planning my quilt for months !   Though in a way I cannot plan for this one!

Let me explain...

I have made Christmas sorry Winter quilts for my children but don't have one for our king size bed.  

I love Green Tea & Sweet Bean style sampler quilts and used the idea of the GT&SB quilt to finish this UFO - a mix of pieced and applique blocks, different sizes, blocks, borders and filler strips held together with a restricted colour palette.

So now I'm wanting a sampler style Scandinavian themed Winter quilt made from a variety of blocks, using different methods and a variety of sized and scaled blocks.

I've already made a few as examples of what I'm looking for: 

A feathered star in my chosen colour scheme of red, cream/off-white with touches of aqua/teal

A mix of border patterns and blocks - my Dresden plate needs an applique centre and background!

A chevron star block based on the Le Moyne star with a strip of background fabric in between!

I have a pinterest board full of Scandinavian inspiration - quite a lot of it is knitwear!   And here you can see how I was inspired to develop these blocks from knitting patterns!

Over the next few blog posts I hope to write up tutorials for the blocks I have made but I'm hoping my bee mates will add to the variety by designing or selecting their own block within the theme!  Big ask I know....


  1. I think this is a great idea- everyone will have their own unique 'take' on your request! I look forward to seeing what you receive!

  2. Ohhh fun and terrifying!! Great idea and lovely inspiration!

  3. quite a challenge but i am sure your beemates are going to enjoy it.

  4. This will be a brilliant quilt! I'm sure the ladies are up for the challenge! Jxo

  5. This will frighten the pants off the bees, but I'm sure they will do brilliantly and you will have a marvellous quilt to show for their efforts. Off to a brilliant start!

  6. well done on another finished top!
    love your idea for your bee blocks. it is going to look amazing. gorgeous choice of colours.
    You are amazing!

  7. You've made a great start with your blocks and I'm looking forward to being part of this project!

  8. My pants are officially frightened, but strangely excited too. (that should encourage some weird spam)

  9. That first snowflake is gorgeous, but my mind boggled ever so slightly when I saw it!


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